Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Whoops A Daisy

As normal my day divides into two halves. 
In the morning ☕ 
Then to finish up in hospital 
It can't get more worst can it? 

Monday 30 October 2017

Back On The Cold Wobbly Work Wheel...

It was back on that cold wobbly work wheel...
Back to school for my kids..
Back to Job 1 & Job 2 for me...
Time for a quick scrape
And those thermal knickers had to come out...
It was only 2c but it felt a lot colder!
I had so many layers I felt like a Michelin man
Finished in one piece on Job 1
Waited in for Council to fix waste pipe problem.
No sign of them
Left in the sunshine
The Plumber from the Council turned up when I arrived at Job 2!
(Rebooked it for next week!!)
The sun was shining but it was still 7c!!
I was asked if I went on holiday last week by some of the children.
I replied with:
"I visited Costa Del Redditch, they speak English, accept the Pound and drive on the left hand side of the road"
There was an escaped chicken on the run, while I was doing Job 1.
There was a lovely sunset..🌇
 It might get a bit warmer tomorrow,👙
So the thermal knickers can be put away... 



Sunday 29 October 2017

Making Full Use Of The Tape!

We enjoyed the hour extra in 🛏
(Made full use of that 😉)
Stopped for a tea break 
That's better!
Now to take Sexy Beast for ride... 
Those dark clouds are following me..
First to my dads
 Then to Lidl & Dunelm
Picked up something in Lidl's to use on hubby tonight
 Now for some Dunelm Experience↓↓

 After all that looking about...
Coffee time ⛾ 
Now back home to tidy the house.
Leaves were picked up 🍂🍂 
And put in the ↓↓
Then we tidied up the pantry.
 Made full use of the things I bought in the Dunelm Sale....↓↓
It started getting dark at 5pm.
The 16 tog duvet is now on the bed.
All ready for a little play with something..later↓


Saturday 28 October 2017

So So Tempting

We had a bit of a lie-in 🛏
Phoned the council up about getting the waste pipe sorted.
Their Plumber said it wasn't classed as a emergency 😮
"Wash the clothes in the washing up bowl."
Nice advice!
So no use of washing machine or kitchen taps to be used until Monday.
Now to get the mobile phone sorted.📱
Had so many chances of taking photos...📵
But no camera at hand 📸😒
I was offered a new mobile....
The temptation was there....↓↓
I had a budget to stick to.....💰
While hubby was sorting out our Broadband.
I had a little play with their Apple music...↓
 Everyone had to listen to a nice offering from Taylor...↓
 Now to hit some 1960's tunes..↓

I was so so tempted to put my current fav 1960s song on......↓↓
And leave it on repeat...😉
After we had left the Mobile Phone Shop.
Time for a pick me up...
 Gets back home.
Added all my apps back onto the new phone.
Even had to add this great song ↓↓ as the ringtone.
(The looks  👀👀👀   I get when my phone rings in public!)

Friday 27 October 2017

Play, Sing, Repeat x 3

Last day of the half-term holidays.
I was going to enjoy some Friday Feeling....
The sun was back!
 Nipped into Morrison's to do a bit of shopping with my sons.
Had to drag one moody son around the supermarket.
Oh the take-away coffee help me gain the Friday Feeling back..
I had one particular song I had on repeat playing in the Sexy Beast.
On the third hearing of the song..
One son said,"Not again!"
I turned it up a bit more just in case they missed any of the song twice before...
My friend who is in hospital.
Send me a picture of her lunch.🍴↓
This was mine..↓
 (Ham,English mustard, spinach, in a whole meal wrap)
To cap my Friday off....
My mobile phone packed up.
(Time to get out the old mobile out)
 Water is starting to appear under the washing machine....
(Has something been chewing on the waste pipe again??? 🐀)
Roll on the weekend..
It can only get better!!!


Thursday 26 October 2017

The Good Day ,The Bad Day, & Nice Cup Of Coffee..

I didn't take up the chance of a lie-in today.
So much to cram in...
First up, to make some shortbread for my mate.
Once that was baked.
Rounded up the kids,
Now in Sexy Beast for a little ride... to ↓
I accidentally interrupted the Teddy Bear's Christmas Lunch🎅
More ideas for me....💬↓↓
 After getting the main item I came in for
(It was for my dad
Time to try their coffee... ⛾
 I acquired more items to my basket,
once I looked around again...
My friend who I saw on Tuesday,
was rushed into hospital yesterday :(
She is hopefully coming out this weekend.
I will visit her with some freshly made shortbread, with added hugs \o/
The results of my recent blood test
Ain't looking too good...
So got to have YET another one next week...
I will remember to bring a coffee, 
And bags of patience....

Wednesday 25 October 2017

Walking & Shaking The Tail Feather...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week..
As the Sexy Beast  went into his Winter Service.
Time for a little bit fresh air in the sunshine...
Off to a walk to my dads.
Anyone fancy a free copy of this week's Advertiser??↓
 Nearly there...
 The bridge is out of order..↓
 Had a coffee and chat with my dad...
 Now for the walk back home in blue skies..

I got the Sexy Beast back... 
I got to visit somewhere for the third time this week...
What lovely things can I get this time???