Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 8 October 2017

Following The Reindeers

I was up far too early for a Sunday!
I made the most by having a hot shower,
Then honey on toast.
Had to wake up hubby for our little walk in the sunshine 🌞
 Got the gear on ↑↑↑
now for another lap of the lake...↓↓
Did it under 29 minutes.....
(getting better!)
Got changed.
Now for the Dougal hairstyle to be trimmed back...
I sat in the special chair..
 That's better......\o/
Did the food shopping,
Now to follow the reindeers.→→→
I wish my Living Room looked this good!
This chair would look good in my living room,
(if only I room for it!)
We enjoyed some coffee and mince pies...
Unpacked everything when we got home.
I even rolled out the red rug,
 Incase we have a royal visit! 

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