Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 30 April 2021

Trying To Take Me Out Again!

You don't have to be mad to work here - but it helps - Anon
Welcome to my Friday Feeling 🎈
Nice to have a hug and brew.
Gets kids up for school.
Everyone received sloppy wet 💋💋💋 off me before I left.
No big big sunglasses today.
When I park Sexy Beast, I was told I wasn't to park in the car park when Covid vaccines are taking place....
(Great start to Friday!) 
Tree pic.
The man whose kids I had to tell off for not waiting for me to get in the middle of the road yesterday, drove his Land Rover to take them to school instead!
I saw the Lambo again..
I am in the middle of road crossing some parents over with children, when one impatient car driver, drove straight past me, I had to put my arm in, they carried on for a bit, then they parked up by the row of shops.Then got the kids out to take to the near-by school.
I finished in one piece....just!
Back home for a quick coffee with apple.
Puts my Henry into Sexy Beast.
Off I go...
It was nice to chat, have coffee and clean.It was nice to see the Jaguar supercharger car (3 litre engine) in the drive.
Says goodbyes.
Gets back to have my salad.
I had a note left by my son that his school shoes had split...
On to a website, I got some shoes that were knocked down from £19.99 to £7.99.
I got 3 pairs!
They are coming tomorrow.
My younger son needed more disposable facemasks.
I ordered them, they are coming tomorrow!
Then before I left...
Time for those big big sunglasses to come out.
Summer coat came back on again..
All ready to start...
Cars everywhere.....
Crossed over all ages....
The same car that tried to run me over went past me while I was waiting to cross people over.
I got the first four letters and numbers of the blue car, the remaining numbers I will get on Tuesday.
Then I will send it to my boss.
Finished in one piece.
Had a chat with my friend for a bit.
Back home to enjoy a much needed coffee!
Look in today's newspaper.
Robert  Velline , known professionally as Bobby Vee, was an American singer, songwriter and musician who was a teen idol in the early 1960s and also appeared in films.According to Billboard magazine, he had thirty-eight Hot 100 chart hits, ten of which reached the Top 20. He had six gold singles in his career.
He would have been 78 years old 🎈
He sadly died aged 73 years old in 2016. 
Then back out...
Chill time with some 70s hits.
Gets into work.
Loads up the Mule.. 
Even got a new feather duster to use..
The sun is still shining...
Big Big sunglasses back on when I finished.
Now for more chill music...
Back home for some tea.
Hubby went shopping with younger son.
I had a soak in a much needed radox bath...
They came back with the shopping.
The Droitwich Lions is back tomorrow.
I had my sleep tea...
Now to make some music and dance....




Thursday 29 April 2021

Hit Me With Your....

 If you haven't got anything good to say about anyone come sit by me - Alice Roosevelt Longworth
Welcome to my Thursday 👽
Hug with brew to start the day with \o/
Woke the kids for school.
Then gave out sloppy wet 💋💋💋 before I left.
No big big sunglasses....
It is still cold, so the winter coat went on, with winter hat and gloves!
Tree pic↓↓
The fun carries on this week....
I told off a little girl for not stopping on the pavement while I walked across the road.
(Tumbleweed moment!)
Four teenage girls walked past me and then was running in the road further down the road!
People were just not interested in road safety.
The lambo went past me again :)
I finished on one piece!
I picked up the newspaper on the way home.
Now for a much needed coffee!
Time to fry sausages, mushrooms and onions.
Added them to the red pyrex casserole dish.
Added some vegetables, and some sausage mix.
Put it in the oven for later.
Now to write yesterday's blog post.
Listened and sung along with my playlist.
Once finished and and published my post.
It was dinnertime...
It was looking a lot like rain...
Better pack the rain coat!
Gets down to the do the afternoon session.
That grey cloud is following me!
And it was a bit windy.
I had trouble holding onto my lollipop stick...
It didn't help as I was in the middle of the road, and was just about to walk back to the pavement, one car had to slam on the brakes very quickly or I would have been hit!
I put my hand up and walk back to the pavement in one piece!
That was close one!
Finished in one piece after that session.
Chats with my mate with his dog.
Gets home for a crumpet and coffee.
I puts the oven on.
Now for a little chill time while driving to my job.
First thing that happened,
Someone didn't stop at a roundabout and nearly hit me!
Next I had a van flashing his lights through his grill of his van, and lights on top of his van.
I pulled over and let him past...
Funny thing is, I followed him all the way to work...
It didn't help,he had stopped on  the keep clear space. So the car waiting to come out couldn't and car wanting to turn right couldn't either.
Once that caused queues everywhere, we moved up to the traffic lights...
He carried straight ahead, I turned left. The queues of cars were right up the High Street.
Now for more fun to start....
Loaded up the Mule...
Here we go again...
Finished on time.
Back to the chill time on the way home.
I was soon back...
Sausage Casserole!
Today's Judge Rinder.
Looks in today's newspaper.
Bob Hoskins was an English actor. His work included lead roles in Pennies from Heaven (1978), The Long Good Friday (1980), Mona Lisa (1986), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), Mermaids (1990), and Super Mario Bros. (1993), and supporting performances in Brazil (1985), Hook (1991), Nixon (1995), Enemy at the Gates (2001), Mrs Henderson Presents (2005), A Christmas Carol (2009), Made in Dagenham (2010), and Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). He also directed two feature films: The Raggedy Rawney (1988) and Rainbow (1996). Hoskins received the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival, the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama for his role in Mona Lisa. He was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for the same role. In 2009, Hoskins won an International Emmy Award for Best Actor for his appearance on the BBC One drama The Street. Hoskins retired from acting in 2012 due to Parkinson's disease, with which he had been diagnosed the previous year.
He sadly died on this day in 2014 aged 71.
Now for sleep tea.
Friday Feeling tomorrow 🎈






Wednesday 28 April 2021

Play, Sing, Repeat x5

 To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal - Peter Ustinov
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐪
Nice big hug and brew to wake up too :)
I woke up my kids for school.
I looked out of the window....
It's raining ☔
Out comes those sexy lumo trousers for the first time in 5 months!
Gave everyone their sloppy wet 💋💋💋
Out the door in the rain.
Here is a picture of those sexy lumo trousers↓
I turned on my lights
(no tree pic as it was raining)
I waited by Sexy Beast to start.
Now for the fun to start......
One black van decides not to STOP and goes straight under my Lollipop stick....
Some on the other side of the road just went for it and decided to ignore my lollipop and keep on going.....
Some of the parents were quite shocked at how car drivers were ignoring me and not stopping.
I just commented...."Let them get on with it!"
Something made my day......
It has been worth waiting for....
It purred when it went past me...
Followed by a yellow 4x4 one.
The rain finally stopped....
So many layers to take off when I finished!
I got my newspaper and my neighbour's magazine.
Back home.
Much needed coffee...
Now to phone the tax office up about the tax grab out of my wages.
I was put on hold, so I started to write yesterday's blog while waiting.
I finally got an answer 53 minutes later...
They sent my tax code last week to the company, and while talking to me, she resent it. They will have to refund it me in next month's wages.
I thanked her for that.
I emailed the company with my tax code, and to repeat what the tax office said, I have to have that money put back in my wages next month.
Then the emails started..
Just like a tennis match...
Back and Forth.....
I'm supposed to have my 3 months interview in July
(To see if I get took on permanently) 
The money I paid out for the cleaning supplies will be reimbursed in next month's wages.
If I need anything else in future I will have to email the company.
I found a cleaning cart on ebay....
(The other two cleaners have got one)
Only £50.....
I probably will be stuck with Mule until a wheel comes off...↓
Anyway got blog finished.
Still feeling cold...
Soup time!
The book came for my neighbour.
My youngest son will drop it and his magazine around later on...↓↓↓
Mission completed!
It was a bit windy for the second part of my Lollipop job.
The winter coat, winter hat and gloves had to be worn. Blowing my lollipop stick all over the place.
It keeps goes invisible my stick does, as car drivers just keep going under it!
Chatted to my friend when I finished.
Back home to get changed....
I kept repeating a great song all the way to work......
(5 times!)
All time classic..from the 70s..↓
I did let Kate have a go when I got in the car park.
Now to try the other vacuum cleaner...
It works!!!!
 Woo Hoo!
Blue sky feeling↑↑ 
Finished on time...
Back to more singing on the way home...
Now for pie!
Now for today's Judge Rinder.
Quick look into today's newspaper.
I was getting tired...
Off to enjoy my sleep tea in bed.
Out like a log I went Zzzzz