Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 19 April 2021

The Yellow Peril Is Back!

 Money can't buy you friends but you get a better class of enemy - Spike Milligan
Welcome aboard my Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡
I actually get up before the alarm clock!
Makes hubby and me a cup of brew.
While I get dressed,
He makes the breakfast.
I wake both kids for school.
 Sloppy wet 💋 for everyone before I leave.
Big big sunglasses come on!
It was still a bit too cold for the summer coat to come on, I still had to strip off two layers as I was getting warm in my winter coat!
Now for the trusty Lollipop stick to use!
Waiting to turn on my lights...
I turn on my lights and walk down to start.
Only to see a lorry blocking one side of the road and blocking my view of cars coming!
He left after 10 minutes.
Car drivers had to get used to me swinging my Lollypop stick to get them to stop.
A few drivers failed....
I just rolled my eyes....
The parents were glad to see my back!
I was getting really warm in winter coat!
The Summer one is being worn in the afternoon!
I finished in one piece.
Time to get home to get changed!
Gets changed,
Quick coffee & apple.
Off to do new job.
Chat, coffee and clean.
No hoover was dropped off,
No hoovering could be done!
Once finished,
Back home.
I got changed again.
Coffee and lunch.
The washing machine finished.
All the cleaning cloths and my tarbard were hung on the line to dry.
Part 2 of Lollipop to do.
Sun is shining!
Summer coat and hat gets put on!
99% of car drivers were stopping.
The 1% kept going under my stick!
Finished in one piece.
Back home to get changed for the next new job.
I packed plenty of gloves and facemasks.
Off I went...
Oh dear here we go again.
I was stuck behind a tractor and waiting for the lines on the road to be in my favour.
The blue merc behind me tried to be smart and overtake me and the tractor in one go....
I overtook the tractor, he then did the same and overtook me.
He was still speeding past the Speed Camera.
I found like I was in the movie, Independence Day.
 My side of the road was clear, the other side of the road travelling back to Redditch was rammed.
Get to the work place.
I had introduction to the job...
Here goes:
The 30p extra an hour I was promised at the job interview last Thursday isn't going to happen!
The Supervisor is going to show me the ropes and help me.....
The previous cleaner didn't put receipts in for her cleaning stuff like I did!
(I'm not paying out of own pocket for things, but it's turning out like it for the evening job!)
What he showed me on their booklet about the different colours of things was just bullshit.
No different colour gloves...
The gloves they did, didn't fit my hands.
(Good job I bought my own)
There is only one red mop,
No green or blue mop.
The Supervisor showed me the moveable trolley.
She only gave me 3 cloths.
I set to work.
Oh dear, not enough black bags...
Back to the cleaning cupboard.
I grabbed more cloths as I am not using just one cloth to clean 9 sets of toilets!
The Henry Hoover vac they gave me to use.
 Oh dear.
Wrong lid
(It fails to latch to the body of Henry)
Then it wouldn't suck nothing.
Plus the vac bags they said would fit, didn't! 
My time of 7.30pm had long gone.
The Supervisor said goodbye and left me to carry on at 8pm.
I watched the sun going down...
In the end I had to borrow her hoover to finish the stairs.
I used the lift for the final time to put my cleaning trolley in the cleaner's cupboard.
Once I finished it was 8.40pm!
Texted hubby to put my tea in the oven.
At least it was quiet on the road when I got home and yes it was dark!
I had a lovely stir fry for my late tea.
I sent a email to the man who interviewed me, asking if I am going to paid for going over my time?
I will see what he says to that!
I just had a quick look at today's newspaper.
I was too tired to read it...
I was that tired, I didn't even want a sleep tea!
Straight out like a light! 







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