Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 30 November 2017

Never Mind Their Presents....

Welcome to my Thursday...
I actually had a good night's sleep for once \o/
So while I was waiting for some deliveries,
I had a nibble..😁
 The doctor has put me on some powerful pain killers for my shoulder.
We had our television back now fixed..\o/
(No more squinting at the small television screen!)
Got the Xmas shopping sorted once and for all..↓↓
Some delivery drivers were finding hard to find my house.
The wheelie bin was the marker they needed!
I had a early Xmas present 🎅 delivered.
I had something delivered so I can use all my pom poms I have been making...
Tomorrow is the 1st December,
(Where has this year gone?)
Let's hope Santa got my Christmas List,
(As it took longer enough to write it out)
Here is a sneak preview of it...↓↓↓

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Out With The Old ,In With The...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week,
It is out with the old...
 And in with the new.....
(new plaster cast time) 
The day started off badly with me being up early, reaching for the pain killers.
The left shoulder really hurting :( 
Then back to bed for another two hours.
Time for the red hat to make appearance!
Once the kids were dropped off at school.
I had to make the grand entrance out of the house, via hopping, funky frame and wheelchair.
Forgot the thermal knickers!!!!
Got the bad leg in alright...
Dropped off the perscription first.
Nice view...
Now off to the hospital...
Hopped out of the car into a wheelchair.
Now to wait with foot up on stool..
I was seen after an hour.
They cuts off the cast...
I was expecting...↓
What was revealed was:
A non hairy leg!!
 I had a choice of 3 colours...
Red,white or blue...
(You know the colour I chose...)
The new cast was put on.
Gets wheeled back to the car.
I'm trying to get in the car via all means I can
(hop, hop and more hop)
One car driver didn't like having to wait for the empty space I was hopping in...
Gets safely in...
 Gets back home,

Puts the leg up.
Going to enjoy this Hump Day with
 coffee and plenty of rest...

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Come A Little Bit Closer....

I had one of those nights when I was doing lots of...
Lots of things on my mind...
I had two choices today.
Go back to sleep Zzzz
Carry on writing the next part of my steamy book..
What was my choice...?
After writing the steamy 13th chapter..
It was coffee time....
 Pity my hubby was at work...
I needed to practice some of the love positions I was writing about...💞 
One my of main characters is getting far too much nookie....
 (My hubby will get far too many ideas if he reads what Frank gets up too)
So moved up to Chapter 17 with over 20000 words wrote...
 Still more sex to write about tomorrow after visiting the hospital to change my plaster cast.
I just hope my hair on my leg has not grown too much...under that cast!

I am now chilling to some Rock'n' Roll hits,
I'm thinking about more STEAMY plot lines,
And using my warm hands on my hubby at the same time 💓

Monday 27 November 2017

Humming,Singing, & Tapping Of The Good Foot!

Back to Monday Fun Time.
Hubby and kids rushing around getting things done and packed.
Kisses and hugs were given...💋💋
Then silence...except when I put the Rock 'n' Roll station on.
A little bit of singing, humming and tapping of the good foot...
After making two pom poms,
 Time for coffee....
Found some more coloured wool from my wool stash...↓↓↓
Flowers were delivered by the school,
 where I do my 🍭 job! 😄
Had a surprise box delivered....
I am getting into the Christmas spirit....🎄 
Got all of hubby's Christmas presents...
"No more window shopping on the internet.."
Getting better on the pom pom making...
Only 48 hours to go for another new cast on my leg....
Wonder what colour can I have this time?

Sunday 26 November 2017

Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom) Sunday

I joined the Wide Awake Club last night.
Tucked in the bad foot all ready for bed.
 Couldn't sleep.
Easy listening songs went onto Amazon Echo.
(A little bit of Jim Reeves)
Read the newspaper.
Back off to sleep...Zzzzz😪
Later on, back up for a nibble and wee.
 Now to try to master the pom poms.
I followed the instructions on the back.
Should have watched the You Tube video first!
 Had to unwind all the wool...😶
Let's try again...
 Done the 1st one....
Another 3 to do....
 Now for our tea,
Leeks wrapped in ham,in cheese sauce.
Nice start for the week.....

Saturday 25 November 2017

You Can Never Have Enough!

I had a bit of light music to fall asleep to last night.
(Smooth 70's hits)
Hubby went to fetch our new pets...
I made the most of a warm bed!
Then it was coffee & vitamin C  time....
 My wool delivery arrived..↓
 I have an idea for Christmas for them...🎄
I can get to use my new hooks & Pom Pom maker...
Nibble time...↓
 Hubby came back with our new pets.
Tinsel and Twinky
Done more Christmas Shopping on-line.
Got most of it now...:)
Going to attempt to leave the house tomorrow,
To enjoy coffee out...⛾
 Might have to dig out the thermal knickers...


Friday 24 November 2017

Even The Bad Times Are Good!

I kissed my sons goodbye before they went to school.💋💋
Back to bed to catch up with some much need sleep.
Hubby got me a nice late breakfast...↓
That made me enjoy the Friday Feeling even more!
 Shook out the cobwebs.
Kissed hubby,💋💋
Then off to work he went.
Now to do a bit of moving about....
Breath in and out....
Wiggle toes...
Tap right foot...
Now to enjoy a little bit of Abba....
Had some bits delivered for our new pets we are having tomorrow....
My new computer chair has arrived...
 Now for a little nibble...↓
After some bad times happened this week, I hope it finishes on a good high :)