Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 10 November 2017

Pieces Of 8, Then Hop x 3

I was having loads of Friday Feeling as I might be going home today...
Just had to wait to move onto a ward...
Leaving my B3 side room which I have spent 10 days in....
But first breakfast..↓
 Enjoyed the view from my bed...↓
Time for a fish and chips lunch↓
 I was finally moved to the ward.
 I had a new plaster cast added to my leg.
Then had a X-ray on my foot to see how the surgery went.
A light tea↓
 Got dressed ready to go home..↓
When we did get home.
How am I going to get to my bed in the living room with two front door steps, and a plaster cast on my left leg???
After an hour of messing about
I finally made it to my bed at last!
There was a nice card to come home too :)
 Now have to hop like a pirate,
For the part a parrot is needed
And for me to say "Pieces of 8 a lot!"


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