Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 28 February 2017

What Chocolate Cake Is Best For...

Today I am a year older and trying to be wise!
(Failing on the wise bit!)
Lots of cards and presents πŸ‘
 Nice :)
Went to Webbs to enjoy coffee with hubby
Even my younger brother turned up later on. With chocolate cake, flowers and a card πŸ˜†
Last day for chocolate and cake for us.
 we( hubby & I) are giving it up for Lent....
Best enjoy some chocolate cake and a window full of Birthday Cards before Midnight!

Monday 27 February 2017

Grabbing The Plums With Both Hands!

Monday is back...
Back on the wobbly work wheel.
Back to work and school after relaxing last week..
Had the normal eye-rolling moments doing Job 1.
Afterwards it was time for coffee and chat....
My lucky number was 21!
After I finished chatting with one friend.
Two more friends appeared, so I chatted to them.
I was asked "Why are you not pregnant yet?"
I replied to that gem with:
"I am squeezing on those plums too much....the well is always empty!"
At least I can spend some quality time with hubby tomorrow,
While the kids are at school...
Birthday Bonking here we come!!!

Sunday 26 February 2017

It's Getting Well Steamy In Here!

After a hard, sweaty, steamy night, of testing out our new mattress.
I had to open the bedroom window to let out the steam....
 A nice cup of tea helped for more energy!
 I had my birthday request read out on the radio for Tuesday 🎈🎈
Then found some energy to play with the gear stick once more....
I left a worn out hubby alone for now...πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ 
Sorting out work and school things ready for tomorrow...
Back on the wobbly work wheel for me...
Dodging cars, and keeping the Zig Zags clear..
 Got to make sure the well isn't empty tonight...
Warm hands to the rescue!


Saturday 25 February 2017

Naughty Or Nice?

Made the most of Saturday..
By cleaning the bathroom.
Out went the bath mat.
Now for the important decision...
Changing of the shower curtain!
It has to blend in with the main picture in our bathroom....↓😱

First choice of curtain...↓πŸ¦†
↓Choice two↓πŸ•
↓Choice three↓🚽
↓Choice Four↓πŸ¦†
The result will be shown next week
Now to make full use of the new bath mat with hubby...... 


Friday 24 February 2017

Warm Hands Are The Answer!

Reached Feel Good Friday.
(This week has gone far too quick!)
Such a busy week next week.
Back to work & school on Monday \o/
My Birthday is Tuesday 🎈
(Getting more stupid not wiser each year!)
I walked over to my dads

(Larry's not ready to be collected yet)
↑Found more damage from Storm Doris..↑↑↑
Unfortunately my middle brother was at my dads,
(He was hoping for a Birthday Card off our dad...
( He forgot our dad's Birthday and Father's Day last year.))
So we carried on walking back home in the sunshine
Collected Larry later on with a new MOT.
 The Money tree is now growing from a twig...
Off for a early night to enjoy some much needed Friday Feeling, with warm hands and a even warmer hubby! 

Thursday 23 February 2017

Left To My Own Devices...

Dropped Larry off to have his MOT & things.
 Left to my own devices
 Avoiding Storm Doris....
(The green wheelie bins are dancing in the wind!)
 Had a little play with Henry
Then to play with some lemons for dessert for later....
Later on finds out I got the wrong things for Larry:(
Fuel Filter
Air Flow Filter Sensor
The Engine Cover did fit 
(but the bracket was missing on top of the engine )
At least Larry passed his MOT \o/
The money tree has turned into a twig now!
Best if I can suck on my lemon dessert!
 to get over the Larry car bill....

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Shhh, Battery Charging..

Welcome to another Hump of the Week.
I spent over 4 hours, yakking with friends, drinking coffee, and playing with their two dogs.
Mouth battery is at a all time low
 Goes to Job 2.
I get asked:
"Why have I been very quiet for the past 2 days?"
I reply: "I am saving your ears, and leaving it all for my hubby when he get home from work."
Still trying to charge mouth battery.
Then I get offered cake.
I decline due to giving it up for Lent.
Then I told him there is one thing I won't be giving up for Lent...
"What that?"  he asks...
 The Ann Summers variety.
All different flavours, can't go without  Lube for too long......"
He answered with:
Will it be handcuffs or gag tonight?

Tuesday 21 February 2017

What's A Chip Between Friends!

Time for some fresh air,
And a ride for Larry
Dropped off Hubby's suit he wore at the World Seniors Snooker Competition, last Friday back to the Hire Shop.
Then it was off to have coffee and chat at 
Larry was parked in his normal concrete parking space...
 While getting my coffee.
The server said there was a chip in my cup and he wanted to replace it.
I replied, "No, it makes me feel at home!" more!" 
Even found a reduced Kenny at Lakeland!
Pity I haven't got no Doves...

Monday 20 February 2017

Keeping On Top Of It

The alarm went off....
I'm not the one on the wobbly work wheel,
Hubby is...
Still found time to have a quick play with the gear stick.
I was going to go back to bed...
 Until I realised....
My big Blog needed updating!!!!!
For my longer blog
is at↓↓
 I wrote 7  blog entries.
Published 29 blog entries!
That frees up some time for the finer things in life during this precious week's holiday.....
Fresh air, coffee and none wearing of those roller boots!

Sunday 19 February 2017

Rested & Ready To Go...

Another night in a luxury 4* hotel.
Still woke up too early for a Sunday!
I was being stalked by Henry!
Left a tip for the cleaner of our bedroom...
Hubby might have to fit a towbar and buy a trailer for the next time we go away for the weekend....
We went past Warwick Castle on the way back home...
 While I am having a week off from the wobbly work wheel...
Just need to crack the whip to get my kids to tidy their bedrooms!!!

Saturday 18 February 2017

Getting People Talking Too Much !

We enjoyed a nice night in a comfortable bed in a 4* hotel.
And a hot shower...

After a nice breakfast
 We headed off to explore Newbury.
Visited a lot of good Charity shops.
Got some good stuff
 For dinner we popped into Pizza Hut.
I got talking to our waitress
After an hour talking...
(I could feel the stares of her boss & co workers)
If I hadn't stopped talking...
I might have still been there......
Talking & having our Evening meal....