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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

More Cake,Cards & Balloons...

Welcome to another Birthday
Another day of sunshine...😎
 Balloons 🎈 blown up ↓↓
 Now to add them to the house outside.
 Finished making the Birthday Cake
One big cupcake and mini cupcakes...
The card was made too..
Enjoyed a nice coffee afterwards..
Presents ready..
Presents opened...
Now for some tea...
Nice sunset
The drive is nearly finished.
Celebrating with the spare balloon...
Is going to be a dry or wet Hump tomorrow?


Sunday, 10 June 2018

Balloons & Cake Time!

Welcome to my Sunday Funday.
Hubby and younger son left the house really early to do a car boot again...
Meanwhile I had lots to do as it's my hubby's Birthday...
 Coffee time first! 
 Balloons and flags covered the front of the house.
Now it was Kane's turn to make some Birthday cake..
 While the cakes went into the oven, 
Sneaky coffee time..
 When Hubby came back...
Kisses, hugs, cake and homemade card.

Temperature going up ↗↗↗
 Nipped into Lidl


Nice Coffee time.

Watched the sun going down...

Then we watched "Bullseye"
One of the prizes would have looked good enough in our garden.....

Got some coffee and chat tomorrow...
Bring on the Monday Feeling...



Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Another Year Older...

It's finally here...
I had the cards to prove it ;)

Still cold and snowy outside.
 Now to go outside for a quick ride..
  To see the Consultant at the Hospital..
Having some Dunelm Experience.....
 Then to spend the voucher...
 for my free coffee ⛾
 Got a lovely present off hubby and kids.
 Time for a Birthday meal...
 They wasn't serving food :(
Next stop the Beefeater...
 Coffee & Nibble↓
 Gets back before we have a big snow storm..
As we had a big lunch.
Time for a little nibble...↓
It's been years since I had snow on my Birthday..🎂
Made the most of the snow....
 By looking at it through the window..:)