Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Twelve Months Ago....

Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
It's the first anniversary of my accident.
In the morning I was enjoying coffee..↓
By the afternoon I was in a hospital bed, with no achilles tendon attached to the bone, and ankle bone chipped↓
 Twelve months on, 
I am back at work, driving,and can share a bed with a warm hubby....:)
Back to 2018....
 Breakfast in bed↑
 Getting out of the house
 Off to visit the Salvation Charity Shop↑↑
 Someone is glad to see me↑
 It's getting warmer.
 I popped in to see my dad.
Back home with our bargains↓
 Is a storm coming???
We watched The Apprentice..
 Then I mounted the stairs....
To celebrate Hump of the week.🐪 


Tuesday 30 October 2018

Using My Green Fingers...

Welcome to a freezing Tuesday.
It will be getting to the point the thermal knickers will have to be dusted, and put on.
Leggings can only do so much...
Breakfast in bed time↓
Gave hubby a big 💋
He went to work.
I got my teenagers up for more fun today.
 Coffee & Vitamin C time.
 The sun might be out,
But it's cold
 *Must remember to put the time back on Sexy Beast!*
I have to get things for my dad.
Gives his car a spin to a lovely garden centre. 
 I got him two Peace Lillies and a Mother's in Law Tongue↓↓
 I repotted the plants.
(Good Deed Time)
 Still cold
 At least it's blue skies
 Nice roll for dinnertime.
 Lovely cloud patterns
 Hubby got me some lovely flowers 💮💮💮💮
It's Bake Off Final Night.
 We were watching the final task, when our sky box decided to reboot itself!!!!
It finally came back on to reveal the winner!
 My family asked if I am considering entering series 10 of Bake Off.
I know I'm good at baking,
Now to drag a tired hubby to bed,
With my warm hands..... 👐👐👐

Monday 29 October 2018

Hold Tight It's Monday!

Welcome to a cold Monday.
*It is a very special day*
I got engaged to my future hubby on this day in 2010 🎈🎈🎈🎈 
And the rest is history ;)
I enjoyed a cup of tea in bed↓↓
 Gave hubby a big 💋
Then he went to work.
I did some tidying up downstairs.
 Coffee and Vitamin C time↑↑
As we are on Half-Term Holidays.
Now to drag my kids out of the house↓↓
 We popped down to Morrisons.
There was a good car parked by me.
 Popped into see my dad.
The sun might be out, but's still cold!
 Must remember to the clock back on Sexy Beast...
Back for some lunch
 We caught up on some 
 I did my 2 jobs.
My youngest son was watching some great TV programmes on ITV3.
Such as the following:
 Hubby came back his snooker match with a headache.He had won his match.
We were all in bed by 10pm....
All ready for Tuesday ;) 

Sunday 28 October 2018

Playing The Apache's Game Of Love

Welcome to my Sunday...
 I was up again.
Made full use of it.
A cup of tea with marmite on toast↓
 The sun was coming up↗↗↗
 I got dressed.
Off to do my other job...
 The moon was still out, while the sun was still coming up...
 Playing with Henry...
 I came back to sunshine.
 I had to pick up my Dunelm order...↑
 I got my order.
My mum's grave is going to look nice for her upcoming birthday next month :)
 While my hubby took my dad's cat to the vet.
I had to repot out new additions to the house.
 Peace Lilly↑
 Spider Plant↑
 Is it too cold for a salad?
Now for a trip out.
Followed a classic car through Studley↓
 Now for our free coffee & newspaper↓
 Enjoyed the free coffee ⛾
Free newspaper↑
 Back to do some more food shopping at Lidl.
 Coffee and brownie.
Two of my favourite artists from the 1960's have birthdays today...
 *Hank Marvin, (Brian Rankin) guitar, The Shadows,is 77 today.*
 *Wayne Fontana, (1966 UK No.2 single with Mindbenders, 'Groovy Kind Of Love', 1965 US No.1 single 'Game Of Love').
is 78 years old *
 We cleaned out Ruby the hamster, and Willow the gerbil.
We caught up on the middle film of the boxset.
 Then onto watch last Friday's Graham Norton Show.
 Off to bed before I fell asleep on the sofa...