Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Swinging Again.

The weekend is finally here \o/
So much for having a lie-in...!
 I listened to "Sounds of the 60s" in bed.
Fell asleep until 11am.
Time to get up!
Late breakfast...
It was so cold, the leggings, and scarf had to come out...↓
 We had a little ride out to Webbs↓
 Great car↓
 Got my things from Hobbycraft.
Another nice car in the car park↓
 Visited Burcot Garden Centre
Gets home to unpack all the lovely goodies.
Found a old photo of me,
Playing on the rope bridge at Ragley Hall when I was about 12 years old....
 I have another picture of my youngest son doing the same as me, when he was also 12 years old....
33 years apart! 
We had such a busy day,
Off to bed early,
  Turn the clocks  back,
 To enjoy the extra hour in bed! 

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