Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Keep Feeling Fascination

Welcome to my Thursday..
It's going to be a long day as I am going on a Play Leader Course this morning...
But before that,
Breakfast in Bed↓
 Nice bit of marmite to start the day.
Special t-shirt time!
 Blue Skies time :)
 I have to leave early..
 Drops one son off by Aldi.
Off to school I go
 I get to school a bit early.
I wear the t-shirt, all the kids know about.
When all the kids come into school.
I get the comments like:
"She is wearing THAT t-shirt again"
By 9am, 
 A TA, me and 10 year 4's go off to Stoke Prior School for some Play Leader Training.
Nice ride around the country lanes to Stoke Prior School.
Kids from Stoke Prior, and Finstall School were there.
Learnt so many games to play at Dinnertime.
Beans is my favourite.
I gets back to school.
Most of the kids are fascinated by my t-shirt again.↓
It was nice to learn about each of the super Heros from the kids :)
Gets home, and its nice and warm↓↓
 Time for coffee!
We rewatched Great British Bake Off
 Then off to bed in wait for the Friday Feeling to come back!

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