Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 30 October 2018

Using My Green Fingers...

Welcome to a freezing Tuesday.
It will be getting to the point the thermal knickers will have to be dusted, and put on.
Leggings can only do so much...
Breakfast in bed time↓
Gave hubby a big 💋
He went to work.
I got my teenagers up for more fun today.
 Coffee & Vitamin C time.
 The sun might be out,
But it's cold
 *Must remember to put the time back on Sexy Beast!*
I have to get things for my dad.
Gives his car a spin to a lovely garden centre. 
 I got him two Peace Lillies and a Mother's in Law Tongue↓↓
 I repotted the plants.
(Good Deed Time)
 Still cold
 At least it's blue skies
 Nice roll for dinnertime.
 Lovely cloud patterns
 Hubby got me some lovely flowers 💮💮💮💮
It's Bake Off Final Night.
 We were watching the final task, when our sky box decided to reboot itself!!!!
It finally came back on to reveal the winner!
 My family asked if I am considering entering series 10 of Bake Off.
I know I'm good at baking,
Now to drag a tired hubby to bed,
With my warm hands..... 👐👐👐

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