Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 15 October 2018

Shaking The Cobwebs!

Back to a cold, wet, Work Wobbly Wheel Monday..
Lets shake those cobwebs free...
That's better!
Breakfast in bed ;)
💋💋💋 everyone goodbye.
Now to add to myself to keep me well warm!
 Aquaman t-shirt ↑↑↑
Tidied up the house.
It has gone right cold...
Nice warm soup...
Had to put on the rainmac as it was raining again.
 Plenty of singing in the rain!
The fields are turning green..↓↓

It was still raining.
Wet play time!
Has another singing session on the way to visit my dad.
Coffee and chat time↓
 He was watching the 1956 film, The Green Man.
 Back home for me.
Coffee and reading about Webbs↓
 Nice top 10 list from the I newspaper.
 I did the rest of my jobs.
Feet up to watch more episodes of the Vietnam War.....
 It has a good music soundtrack.
I was even up when hubby returned from snooker...
Now to share a warm bed....🛏 

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