Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 31 May 2018

Saying Goodbye....

Welcome to our final day of our holiday :(
We had a early tea.
Enjoyed the last time of the Four Poster Bed..
 We had our final breakfast.
Then off to see the beach for the last time.




 We went back to the B&B to load up the car.
 Said goodbye to Simon & Rhona.
Said goodbye to Blackpool.
Motorway time.
It was very warm in the car.
We had to stop off a few times at the services.
At one services...
 There was no one serving in the Costa Coffee hut. I said to the woman waiting, "Climb over the counter, help yourself to coffee, leave the change when you leave....." She just looked at me...
 Nice car parked at the services...↓
 Next services we stopped at...↓↓
We got off the Motorway, and had to go through Wolverhampton.
(I hope we don't bump into ex-plum)

Finally got home at 4.30pm.
Unpacked the car...

The drive wasn't done when we were away.
It was still nice to sleep in our bed....


Wednesday 30 May 2018

Saving The Best Until Last...

Welcome to my sunny Hump of the Week!
We had a good night sleep.
Another go in the double bath...
The sun is out again..
Early tea...
 We had breakfast....
Hubby dropped off his car to be repaired.
We met up at the tram stop...
 Off to visit Fleetwood.
 This what remains of Fleetwood Pier.
 Time for coffee!
 We then caught the tram back into Blackpool.
Had a final look around.
 Hubby went to fetch his repaired car.
I had 9 minutes left on the tram ticket to get to my tram stop.
 I just made it with 3 minutes to spare.
A very late lunch...
While our kids played on the Xbox downstairs.
We packed up our very large suitcase.
Had tea.
For the last time we used the lovely bath..
and Four Poster Bed...