Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 24 May 2018

Once,Twice But Three Times!!

Welcome to my Thursday.
I was hoping my drive was going to be repaired today
(After complaining for the past 2 years..)
The sun wasn't out when I left..
 Now to take Sexy Beast on a longer ride..
(To exercise the foot a bit more)
 It was so nice to listen and sing along with some great 60s songs again..
Had to put one song on repeat 3 times..
It's just so good!
(The song is the video at the end of today's blog post)
 Wow Kenny Senior is so expensive!
I sure both my Kenny and Kane be annoyed if I get another Kenwood!↓↓
 Now for coffee and chat :)
 I said goodbye to my friend.
Goes round to see my dad.
Making the most of his garden :)
 A lovely rose..
Had a lovely dessert↓↓
 Later on it was a wonky pair with coffee↓↓
 All three males of the family had haircuts.
Got back home to find the drive not done...
I will wait for the lake to appear tomorrow! 

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