Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 27 May 2018

The Need For Sunscreen

 We had a lovely night's sleep!
We had a lovely full English breakfast.
We had a nice view of the Blackpool Tower↓↓
 We was going to go to the local car boot.
However hubby's car was playing up.
We got a family tram ticket and caught the tram to the. North Pier
 We looked around the shops
 Loads of sweets under glass...↓↓
 We dropped in to see a good friend who has bought a 4* star hotel.
He gave our kids some tickets to buy prizes with at Coral Island...
Said a big thankyou.
Now to visit Coral Island.
 Some of the prizes that my youngest son got↓↓
Coffee time
Now to explore Blackpool..
 My oldest son got some lovely things with his tickets off the South pier↓
 We got our hands read
 We went for lunch..↑↑
 We sat under the South Pier as it was too hot to sit in the sun..
 we caught the tram to Uncle Tom's Cabin.
We looked around
 Pot Noodle for tea.
Once the kids went to sleep,
Explore the bed time...

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