Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 31 December 2017

Looking Back At 2017, Then Forward to 2018.

New Year's Eve
Got up early far too early for a Sunday...
Later on I went out for some fresh air,
with help of the kinky black boot, funky frame and sexy hubby doing the driving..
Picked up my Lakeland order..↓
Nice view of the church from the car park...↓
Picked up supplies for our pets..↓↓
 Coffee time...↓
Gets home to open the box..
Someone is going to party tonight!
I however being tee-total for the past 4 years...
I'm going to enjoy this...↓
Reflecting back to this year....
 My Highlights Of 2017 are:
  1. Saying goodbye to Larry 
  2. Saying hello to my red Sexy Beast car
  3. Enjoying a short holiday in Blackpool
  4. Starting Job 4.
  5. My son starting High School
  6. Having an accident on Halloween
  7. Having an operation to reattach my achilles tendon to the bone...
  8. Nice white and red plaster cast soon followed.
  9. Now on the kinky black boot and the funky frame
  10. Published another book \o/ 
My hopes for 2018 
  1. Walking again
  2. Laugh more!
  3. Try to look on the bright side
  4. Retire the stab vest
  5. Write more books
  6. Keep blogging!
I hope everyone has a Happy New Year

Saturday 30 December 2017

Visiting It Again

Finally finished watching the final series of
at 3.20am in the morning..
Wakes up six hours later for another 
surprise in the post... 
Lets hope we don't mislay this one!
Time for a nibble..
 Started to watch my boxset I had for Christmas...
 Cooking Time again..
 Made it ↓
 Posh plate again ;)↓
 Catching up with a film I missed over the Christmas period...
The last time I visited a Crooked House was actually 3 years ago today :)



Friday 29 December 2017

Ah, That Tastes So So Good....

Welcome to the Friday Feeling 🍾🍾🍾
Up far too early for a Friday...
Had breakfast with hubby,
Gave him lots of πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ 
Off to work he went...
I went back to πŸ›
Then I had a nibble..↓↓
 I got some belated Xmas presents
Now I can finally use my coffee machine..
 My first coffee from the coffee machine..⛾
Having a nice meal tonight...
Hour and half later....
Now for a dip....


Thursday 28 December 2017

No More The Fool Am I

Today has been one of those days 😲
Paying lots of bills,
Fitting in lots of coffee...
 I had some late Xmas presents
 We  attempted to make
 Ham Pithivier
Out came the Posh plates again
 My younger brother was trying to make a makeshift bridge between my middle brother and me.
However, far too many things has gone on with him and me to forget.
The mug sign on my forehead started *flashing! *
I said to my youngest brother,
"He can put on a Oscar winning performance to our dad, but I can see through his bullshit!"
No more the Fool Am I..


Wednesday 27 December 2017

Come & Get It!

Welcome to my lazy Hump of the Week..
But first tea and toast in bed..
 We are now half way through series 2 of ↓↓
Kids were using their Minecraft books we bought them for Christmas for some good use....
Speaking of books...
My new book arrived...
Now to do a little cooking...
A little James Martin recipe
Out comes the POSH plates..
Now to watch the final two episodes of series 2
 Got series 3 to watch 
 More cooking to do tomorrow...
(Got to keep busy :))


Tuesday 26 December 2017

Better Carry On With It

Boxing Day
After going to bed at...
 Gets up seven hours later...
Breakfast in bed...
 Even had more nibble...
Hubby walked to town with kids to spend some of their Christmas money.
I meanwhile done some window shopping via the internet....
Looks what happens when I reversed into the stool in my ♿...😞↓
The saving grace was,
Hubby bringing back some nice coffee..↓
Watched  a funny film later on...
Then to
Carry on watching.....↓↓↓