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Monday 26 December 2022

Finally Got A Lie-In!

 The one thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband. - Joan Rivers.
Boxing Day
Welcome to our Boxing Day 🎁
We actually had a lie-in \o/
Time for some Breakfast and Brew.
Then we got dressed.
(I had my thermal vest on)
I had some housework to get on with.
Hubby went out for a walk and got the newspaper on the way back.
Coffee time when he got back!
Got piles of washing to do.
Looking like a Chinese Laundry!
Washing machine went on again.
The Christmas Decorations are coming down tomorrow as had a enough!
Turkey roll time!
I will make a soup with the rest of the Turkey tomorrow.
Then it was back to tidying up the house.
As Friday, we are having some things come back from my late Father-in-law's house and we got to find room for it!
After Friday, it's just my pictures and ornaments got to come back! 
For tea we are having some nice cheese on crackers.
Now to get on with today Heardles.
Heardle 60s:
My answers:
Now to look into today's newspaper.
US No.1 on this day in 1964:
The Beatles - I Feel Fine
Look what has come my way↓
I had a sleep tea with it.
In need of my warm 16 tog duvet...





Saturday 26 December 2020

Getting In & Trying It Out!

Nobody realises that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal - Albert Camus

 Boxing Day
Welcome to my Saturday 👯
Going out for some fresh air and getting some bargains.
I was celebrating 7 years of being tea-total, with a cup of brew!
We had a bit of lie-in afterwards.
Then it was time to get up!
Both kids got up.
Taking out Sexy Beast... 
Nipped into Dunelm..
Filled up Sexy Beast with bargains.
Off to see mum and dad...
I see my younger brother had dropped off a wreath↑
I had a quick chat with my parents, before heading off home.
Light lunch.
Quick read of the newspaper.
Now to abuse Disney+
Followed by:
 Belated Tea at 3.
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Tea time.
Finished off some of the turkey from yesterday. 
Now to enjoy some Sewing Bee.
Once we watched that.
We had something to catch up that we had recorded early on in the month.
Hubby had put the new duvet cover on the bed I had bought earlier.
I had to wait 3 years for it to be in the sale.
Sleep Tea time.
Now to try out the new duvet cover \o/
Let's turn off the light....





Thursday 26 December 2019

Getting Them Bargains In!

It took me 15 years to discover that I had no talent for writing, but I couldn't give it up because by that time I was too famous
 - Robert Benchley
Welcome to my Boxing Day!
It is the Sixth anniversary of me being Tea-Total 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈
I had a little lie-in....
Followed by tea and cuddles in bed!
 I forgot to open a present from my dad↓
 We all get up, dressed and to pick up my Dunelm order↓
 Nice coffee with mince pie↓
 The view from my chair↓
 Then we looked around..
That would look nice in my bedroom if I had room↓
 Then off to town to get more bargains.
The view from Car Park 4↓
 I gave 5 plastic empty items into Bodyshop.
They don't do the £5 voucher no more :( :(
Got some items from there in their sale.
 I went into Debenhams and got another bargain↓
I saw a long queue to get into Pandora shop.
Then off to get some bits from Wilkinsons↓
While I was paying for my items in HMV,
I noticed a Manfred Mann boxset for £45↓
 Oh I was so tempted....
(I resisted)
Back home to unpack my bargains from HMV↓
Now onto my Dunelm order↓
 I enjoyed a Picnic↓
  Now off to work I go...
 I gets back to have a Lemsip...
As all the males of the households have coughs, and feeling shit!
Hubby tried to do tea without the Turkey that was left!
(Nice try!)
Back on the turkey we go...
A lovely turkey salad....
Yum Yum!
The 13 year old boiler is now playing up again..
It is only letting us have heat and no hot water!!!! 
We watch↓
  Then onto..
 Breaks open the new dvd of:
Leslie Dwyer, English actor (Hi-de-Hi!), died at 80 in 1986.↓
 Sir Nigel Hawthorne, English actor (Tartuffe, Pope John Paul II) died aged 72 in 2001
 Fontella Bass, American R&B and soul singer and songwriter (Rescue Me), dies from a heart attack at 72 years old in 2012.
 Now to rub that Vapor rub into hubby.....


Wednesday 26 December 2018

A Little Bit Of ABC....

“Did you ever notice that life seems to follow certain patterns? Like I noticed that every year around this time, I hear Christmas music.”– Tom Sims

Boxing Day
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
We had a nice lie-in again↓
Hubby's dad didn't have a good night's sleep on the sofa.
I said hello to Sexy Beast, while hubby made to Bacon Sandwiches for all of us..
 After we ate breakfast.
Time to bring along the great CD to listen to while we drop off hubby's dad.
I go off to do my job for a few hours.
I came back and finished making the Trifle.
I had the bird tell me the Chicken and Leek Pie was ready..
I looked up the Birthdays: 
 Henning Schmitz: German musician (Kraftwerk) is 65 years old.
Curtis Mayfield:American singer-songwriter and soul musician (Freddie's Dead, Superfly)
dies aged 57 in 1999.
 Dave Brubeck Quartet: formally disbands in 1967.
 We then watch the first episode of:
So good I bought the book off Amazon with £5 off...
Then we watched 3 episodes of "Bullseye".
The first episode, no one won the caravan,
second episode won the speedboat.
We taped the third episode
 As it was creeping over 1am before we went to bed......