Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 31 May 2023

More Sunshine, More Exploring....

 I have a large seashell collection, which I keep scattered on beaches all over the world. Maybe you've seen it? - Steven Wright
Welcome to my Hump of the Week in Blackpool
Up early for a early brew.
Then out to get a tram...
Once we got off the tram, 
We get the bus to Lytham...
Once we get off, time to look around the Charity Shops. Loads of bargains.
We have a coffee, halfway round.
Back onto looking about..
 I overheard a conversation in one Charity Shop.
Customer to Sales Assistant:
"My husband pays £300 for a pair of trainers, and £100 for a new t-shirt..."
The Sales Assistant replied:
"Have you thought of visiting Charity Shops?"
Customer repiled:"Yes I do, but that Designer Charity Shop down the road was charging £10 for a second hand t-shirt, someone has already wore it"
I just shook my head and left the shop.
Now to walk to the park to have our lunch.
I'm glad we found some shade, as it was getting well warm.
Bobby Ball.
Now for a walk down the front...
We walks back to the bus stop.
We missed one bus back to Blackpool.
We caught the Stagecoach bus and we got into Blackpool in record time.
Now to get the tram...
We gets off at our tram stop.
We goes back to the B&B to unpack all our good things we got from Lytham.
We had our tea.
Back out for another walk about...
Back to the B&B to chill.....
Now to use that comfy bed...


Tuesday 30 May 2023

Clapping Together!

 In spite of the cost of living, it's still popular - Kathleen Norris
Welcome to another sunny day in Blackpool 😎
We woke up early for a much needed brew↓
We went down for Breakfast.
Came back up to fetch the trolley....
Now to catch a tram to Fleetwood...
We caught the tram to Fleetwood.
The market was still open :)
Got two large bag of sweets for the kids.
Now to walk down Fleetwood High Street.
There was a tram not going anywhere...
The way the car had parked, the tram couldn't get past the back end of the car.
We all stood watching the tram driver phoning the depot and the police. Suddenly a man appeared at the car.
I started giving him a loud clap and everyone else joined in. The old man ignored the tram driver, and reversed and drove off!
We then carried on walking....
We had to buy another trolley!
We had a ice cream and watched trams come and go...
Nice name for a shop↓
Waited for the tram to arrive...
We caught the tram to Cleveleys.
Nice lloyd Loom in one Charity Shop↓
Coffee and nibble time...
We popped into Aldi to get our tea for next couple of nights.
red light is flashing again!
Back on the tram, back to the B&B.
Unpacked all our bargains.
Looked in the newspaper before we went down for tea.
We had our tea.
Now to walk it off...
Back to the B&B, to enjoy the lovely bed!