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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Letting It All Hang Out!

 The English never speak to anyone unless they have been properly introduced (except in case of shipwreck) - Pierre Daminos
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
The sun is coming out \o/
Nice hug to start Humpday with.
Now for a nice breakfast...
Now out in the sunshine.
We waited at the tram stop.
We waited half an hour for a tram.
Then the bus came, and that was full.
There another tram arrived, and we got on to it.
We got off at Cleveleys.
Coffee stop!
The market was on.
We looked around the market, then sat on the sea wall to look at the beach.
Off to get some supplies....
I got a nice bag!
We caught the tram back to B&B.
Dropped off our bargains we bought earlier.
Packed our beach things.
Nice vintage tram went past.
Then off to the beach...via tram.
The view from the beach.
Look who dropped their hat in the sea!
Went back to sit down and try more crochet!
Hubby was carving a heart into the sand.
Back to the B&B on the tram
Nice Mango drink on the way home.
Nice Chinese Take-Away for tea.
 We had to pack up our things,
As we are changing rooms after breakfast.
Best make the most of the bed!


Friday, 30 August 2019

The Big Switch On!

Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death - Jalaluddin Rumi
It's that time again...
 I was up early with tea.
 We all had a lovely big breakfast.
Before we left.
The leggings went on!
 We could see the Tower from the B&B↑
 The wind is whipping up the sea↑
 The view from our tram stop
 One tram heading towards Blackpool Town↓
 We visited Fleetwood Market↓
 We didn't buy nothing.
We stopped for a coffee in a cafe/book shop
 We walk down the high street of Fleetwood.
We didn't buy nothing at all.
We then catch the tram to Cleveleys.
We visit a great wool shop↓
 Now for a little Boost↓
 We walked up and down the High Street of Cleveleys.
We didn't buy a thing!!!
Back on the tram back to our B&B...
We get changed and have a sandwich.
 The wool I bought today↓
 Is that where the boat from Bullseye ended up↓
 The sun is going down↓↓
 We catch the tram to the North Pier↓
 We look around, as the turn on of the lights is soon↓
 We go on the North Pier.
We find a sign about Sooty↓
 The War Memorial is changing colour↑↓
 Now for countdown!
The lights are turned on!
 The tram is packed.
 We walk 1.2 miles to look at the lights
 We gets back to the B&B and we can see the Tower....still.
 Now to enjoy that bed again...