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Thursday 24 August 2023

Blackpool, Here We Are Again!

In a good portrait, the eyes follow you around the room 
- Peter Cook
 Welcome to the journey onto Blackpool!
Cup of brew is needed.
I have a shower.
Now down for breakfast. 
After breakfast, we went to speak to someone about being overcharged for the room.
Excuse was with, she will refund the money as soon as possible.
Back up to the room to pack up the things.
We checked out.
Back on the road to Blackpool....
I think we will pass on seeing hubby's relations.
I didn't bring my Holy Water!
Good job I don't need no petrol.
Getting near to Blackpool!
We got into Blackpool.
We had to pay for overnight parking as there was no room outside the Hotel.
We unpacked the car.
Now to unveil the lovely room!
Unpacks the bags.
Time for a cuppa. 
Now out to go and explore on the tram.
We get off at Cleveleys.
Charity Shop Time!
One Dvd I won't be buying↓
The price of having really big feet!
Back on the tram back to the hotel to unpack the trolley and have tea.
Back out to catch the sunset and have a trip to Fleetwood.
We reach Fleetwood.
Back on the tram to look at the lights in Blackpool.
Back to the hotel.
Now to enjoy that lovely bed! 

Monday 29 May 2023

Enjoying The Sunshine!

If it's good, they'll stop making it - Herbert Block
Bank Holiday Monday
Welcome to my Bank Holiday Monday in Blackpool 🌅
Up early for a cup of brew before going down for Breakfast.
Lovely breakfast.
Now out to get the tram and bus to St Annes.
We waited at the tram stop, when a taxi driver said:
" There were no trams running...!"
We crossed over the road to see if there was a bus running.
Not on a Bank Holiday Monday.
Back to the B&B to collect the car for a ride out.
We just one parking space in the car park at St Annes. Then off for a walk about in St Annes.
Coffee and nibble needed!
A guest wanting some food as well.
After visiting all the charity shops,
Off to see Les....
There was a large queue for ice cream↓
We get a ice cream off the front, and go for a long warm in the sunshine.
Planning being put forward↓
That should be interesting when the work is going to start....and is it going to get through.
Goes back to car.
Everyone is circling the car park for a space.
Then we get in the car and go off to find Les Dawson's grave.
Found it!
We put some flowers on it.
We had a good look around the graveyard while we were there.
Nice and warm in the sunshine.
Now to drive back to Blackpool.
We popped into Morrisons to get some tea for tonight.
Now for a drive down the front...
Back to the B&B
Unpacks all the goodies we bought.
We had our tea.
I looked into today's newspaper.
Then had a early night, and to enjoy the bed!