Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 31 July 2018

If Only I Had Smaller Feet....

Welcome to my Tuesday...
I enjoyed a early cup of tea...
 I sorted out old school uniform that fit my kids.
Bagged it up.
 Quick coffee and nibble...
 Going to donate the clothes to the Redditch School Bank, which is on the 18th August, to help people with school uniform.
(My Good Deed for the day)
Off for a little ride in the Sexy Beast...
Dropped off the uniform.
Now to visit the 
 Someone is glad to see me.↑↑
  Nice shoes, pity I have big feet!
Got some nice bargains...
 I got some M&S shirts for kids.
 Nibble time!↑↑↑↑
 Jack did some nice baking.
I came back from Job 3
  Enjoying a Lolly to cool down.
I had a phone call....
 *Good news* 
My redundancy of my Lollipop job has stalled at the moment. Fingers crossed I will be back keeping children safe crossing the road in September
I made some nice Garlic Chicken for tea. 
Even caught up with some..
 Back onto the walking tomorrow with hubby in toe....


Monday 30 July 2018

Sing? Of Course I Can Well Try!

Welcome to my Monday...
 I enjoyed a cup of tea in bed...🛏
 Gave hubby a big 💋 before he went off to work.
I got up to write a short shopping list...
Coffee helped me with it....;)
I sorted out with my union, 
about my redundancy meeting about axing of my 🍭 job
Rounded up the kids...
No big sunglasses today...
At least it's warm....
We did a small shop in Lidl.
Car park was a nightmare to park in and get out of.
The dark clouds are threating us with rain.
I looked at the CD's in Morrisons.
A good song came on, and I sung along with the song, my son said he could hear me in the next aisle....
The song was↓↓↓
I picked up a good CD to play in the Sexy Beast.
My kids asked if I could move up to the 1980's.
"Not just yet, I'm happy with the 50's and 60's"
I told the cashier, she just laughed and felt sorry for my kids having to listen to it... 
The CD got put on, and I sung along with Buddy Holly...
 More exciting tunes to kids to hear tomorrow
  Unpacked the shopping.
Light lunch.
I wasn't such like a hot sweaty 🍅 at  Job 3.
I fear I might be for the chop for this job as well.
(Can't win!)
In need of some Monday Motivation....💗💗
"Alexa, play some Rock 'n' Roll please?"
I need to sing-a-long to get rid of these Monday Blues...


Sunday 29 July 2018

That Bird Is Singing Again...

Sunday has arrived...
So has the rain...
My dad's Birthday....
I had a hour lie-in...
Had a cup of tea in bed :) 
 Followed by breakfast.
My dad had his Birthday Request read out on our local Radio Station \o/
Once all up.
Time for a little ride in the Sexy Beast.
 Checked tyres pressures.
Popped into see my dad and wish him a Happy Birthday.
He enjoyed his cards and presents.
 Back home to pick some Blackberries...
I blindbaked the pastry...
While the blackberries were in the pan, I added some cherries we got off our tree, and 
off our apple tree.
While it was baking in the oven.
I came across a article about one of my favourite actors..
The pie is ready ...
Now to try a bit....

Saturday 28 July 2018

Handcuffs & Babyoil Part 2

The weekend is finally here \o/
I was up early to listen to
" The Sounds of the 60s"
Had a early breakfast...
Once everyone was up....
A little ride out....
 Long way down...↓↓↓
It stopped raining.
We went to the Bandstand to celebrate 
the life of Emmeline Pankhurst
 Our Redditch MP and Redditch Mayor was there.
 They all disappeared to have their photo took.
I waited for them to come back.
 We sat on the bench to carrying on listening.
I got chatting to a ex-worker from my time at Fawlty Towers....
Our water Fountain on the Church Green.
While everyone was taking photos, we went to the cafe. Sat on the leather settee, to enjoy a coffee, and waited for everyone to arrive.
I chatted to the MP again.
I even got two dvds for 50p
Walked back to the Library..
A really nice went past me :)
Chatted with a ex-postie.
A couple sat opposite me.
I recognised the man as my older's son's real Granddad from Kings Norton with his second wife sat with him.
(I haven't spoke to him since 1993 when he chased me around his drive with a hammer, then my boyfriend and his dad was trying to strangle each other on the drive)
The Grandfather is looking more like his son everytime I see him...
Arrived back home before the rain started again...
Sorted out my dad's Birthday cards out for tomorrow.
Had a quick tea as we were going out to a Snooker Awards Evening.
 Nice cold lemonade.
We had a quiz.
We had our usual name.
Handscuffs & Babyoil.
 At half time we were third.
 Hubby's team won the Divison one championship
 His team were Runner's up in a cup match.
 Nice sunset.
We finished second at the end.
We had a nibble at the buffet.
Gets back home....
Hopefully we are having a much deserved lie-in tomorrow....