Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 30 July 2018

Sing? Of Course I Can Well Try!

Welcome to my Monday...
 I enjoyed a cup of tea in bed...🛏
 Gave hubby a big 💋 before he went off to work.
I got up to write a short shopping list...
Coffee helped me with it....;)
I sorted out with my union, 
about my redundancy meeting about axing of my 🍭 job
Rounded up the kids...
No big sunglasses today...
At least it's warm....
We did a small shop in Lidl.
Car park was a nightmare to park in and get out of.
The dark clouds are threating us with rain.
I looked at the CD's in Morrisons.
A good song came on, and I sung along with the song, my son said he could hear me in the next aisle....
The song was↓↓↓
I picked up a good CD to play in the Sexy Beast.
My kids asked if I could move up to the 1980's.
"Not just yet, I'm happy with the 50's and 60's"
I told the cashier, she just laughed and felt sorry for my kids having to listen to it... 
The CD got put on, and I sung along with Buddy Holly...
 More exciting tunes to kids to hear tomorrow
  Unpacked the shopping.
Light lunch.
I wasn't such like a hot sweaty 🍅 at  Job 3.
I fear I might be for the chop for this job as well.
(Can't win!)
In need of some Monday Motivation....💗💗
"Alexa, play some Rock 'n' Roll please?"
I need to sing-a-long to get rid of these Monday Blues...


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