Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 9 July 2018

Some Like It Hot

Welcome to my sweaty wobbly wheel.
I must have been excited,
I was up before the alarm went off...
 Cold shower, followed by tea and breakfast.
Loaded up the Lollypop stick & kids.
 Gave hubby a 💋
Now off to Job 1
 I told three parents off for parking on the Zig Zags, all gums were banging together when I walked away.
Finished in one piece.
Nipped into Morrisons to buy more bottles of water.
 Once I got home, unloaded and loaded up dish washer.
Had early lunch...
Now for Job 2.
 Even they have zig zags...↑↑
 I enjoyed myself.
It went so quick
Back home for a cold drink
 It was getting hotter for my Job 1
One pupil dashed out in front of me,
even before I got into the road.
I called him back over, 
and crossed him over properly.
Finished in one piece. 
 Fan & Lolly time.
Job 3
Sat in front of the fan when I got back.
 Karen was enjoying the cucumber from earlier....
We visited the High School where our youngest son starts in September.
Saw some Stepford wives from our son's First School was there.
Currant mother's from my son's Middle School struggling to say  hi to me.
Ex- work mate with his ex-wife, and some ex-friends who decided to talk to me ....
I had a word with the Headmaster about my other son's cookery lesson. No mention of sugar on-line for the ingredients. So the muffins tasted really rank when they were brought home.
Is it going to be bikini weather tomorrow?
My face is starting to look like a over ripe tomato...

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