Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 30 September 2017

You Got What It Takes...

After going to bed early last night 🛏
I was up early
 (5am!!!! on a Saturday!!!)
To keep my eyes open...
Had some nice coffee...out...↓
We went home afterwards to have lunch.
Then the plan was to go on fast walk around the lake.
Then it started to rain...🌧
While waiting, we went off to ONLY look around in...↓
Some nice items for Christmas....🎅↓
If only I had room in bedroom for it....↓
 This bed would look nice in my bedroom↓
 Oh so true....↓↓↓↓
 Coffee time out again....⛾↓
The rain stopped for a short while when we got home...
↓The pink lycra went on...↓
 We did a lap of the Lake in under 30 minutes...↓
Now to add the new Dunelm red bed sheets on our 🛏 😉😉

Friday 29 September 2017

Rub It All In Again

So glad we have reached Friday \o/
The weather didn't help with the Friday Feeling...
Got soaked doing the morning shift of Job 1.
Now time for coffee and chat..
 I dried off with a big mocha..
Some of these would look nice in my garden....↓
The neighbours are quiet around here...↓
The rain stopped for dinnertime...
After taking off my pink shiny roller boots..
 It was time to be rubbed Head to Toe in Vicks,
 The Lemsip to come out,
And pray I don't have the Flu coming....

Thursday 28 September 2017

Making Plans....

Not long before the weekend is here.
Busy planning for that...
 I went for coffee and chat with a workmate.
Got so carried away with talking was nearly late for Job 2.
At least the sun was shining when I finally left Job 2 :)
 Even the big sunglasses had to come out for the afternoon shift of Job 1
As the sun was shining bright, and getting quite warm..
 I hope this lovely sunny weather carries over for tomorrow and the weekend...
We can only hope...
Now to put my mouth battery on charge.... 

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Shoulda,Coulda, Gone Off It!

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
It was back to normal at Job 1.
3 cars parked on the zig zags..
Now to make it better with a B3 moment. 
The Xmas things are already on show to buy..
 Enjoyed some Webbs's coffee...
 How to hope the rain keeps away for Job 2.
After doing all the singing along to my new 70's CD I bought last night..
 The rain came in after I finished the afternoon shift of Job 1.
Pity I have gone off cake, 
I would have had a bit... 

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Time To Break Open The 1970's Again..

At last, no one parked on the Zig Zags this morning...
Which I was in shock for, for about 5 seconds...
The sun came out, and gave a nice warm feeling...
I got my monthly treat...↓
Plenty of singing along going to done with this beauty in my Sexy Beast!
Just hope I don't make it rain that often.
Coming out of Morrison's tonight, the owner had the whole car park to park.
 No instead he had to park behind me!
Going to enjoy a coffee and chat session at a favourite place of mine tomorrow...
Hopefully going to have a good Hump Day \o/


Monday 25 September 2017

Having High Hopes For a Better Day

I heard the rain during the night...
I was glad it was the night time and not daytime..
Oh I was so wrong...
Out came the green wellies for Job 1.
Heavy rain time.
It didn't help by the same parent from last Friday,
Parking on the zig zags again.
He ignored me again.
Four more cars parked on the zig zags.
Give up!
The rain then held off for another hour,
then it visited again for Job 2.
Hair net time...↓
I met up with my new friend for the afternoon shift of Job 1
She knows me too well....
She gave me some lovely spicy Indian food..
 That's made my Monday a bit better \o/

Sunday 24 September 2017

Tortoise Time!

Had to use the alarm clock on this Sunday Morning! 😃
Third week of Couch to 5K.
On goes the lycra leggings....
Now to break in the new running shoes...👟👟
I had the normal looks when I got there...😶
I started off when I normally finish...
The last one at the back...
I did a lot of fast walking and  a little bit of jogging....
I was the last one back to the finishing line.
 I had a smiling hubby pass me the bottle of water...
The Pink Princess made it back in one piece...
Back home to enjoy a bacon sandwich.....

Saturday 23 September 2017

Relieving Stress....

Made the most of the lie-in...🛏
Playing with the gear stick relieved my stress of the past week 😉
Bought some fresh bedding for our gerbils and hamster
Off to town for a upgrade on some running shoes...🏃🏃
 (Don't look down.↓.)
So many to choose from....👟
(Have they got adult size 12 for me?)
The most important item of the day....⛾
Now to de-stress in the sunshine...
Family walk around the lake....
Afterwards, I pimped up my Kindle book covers and changed the title name....
Erotic is when you use a feather.
Kinky is when you use the whole chicken 
- anon