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Saturday 4 November 2023

Nutcracker Moments!

 If you can't see the humour in yourself, you could be missing the joke of the century - Dame Edna Everage.
Welcome to my wet Saturday ☔
9 Years ago, I started my first time as a Lollipop Lady.
I was made redundant after 4 years.
Year off.
Then back to be a Lollypop lady again in a different area.
My 4th Anniverday of that job is tomorrow \o/
Breakfast and Brew.
We listened to "The Sounds of the 60s"
UK Top 3 from 1967.
3:Dave Dee, Dozy,Beaky, Mick & Tich - Zabadak
2: Bee Gees - Massachusetts
1: The Foundations - Baby, Now That I've Found You
Rain mac on.
Off to Droitwich we go...
We first park up and go in to visit the Droitwich Lions. Loads of books we got.
We then moved the car.
Off to explore Droitwich.
Now to look in the Charity Shops.
Off to have a coffee and nibble↓
We nipped into Waitrose for a look...
Back to the car.
Drove to Lidl's.
Done food shopping.
I nipped into B&M.
Nutcracker time!
On the way back home, hubby got some new wipers for his car.
Home time.
Unpacked all my bargains↓↓
Light lunch.
Tea at 3.
We caught up with 3 more episodes of Hell's Kitchen.
We had a nice tea.
Looked into today's newspaper.
Then we watched "Sly".
Next was James Whale.
We watched up to Headliners.
Sleep Tea Time.
Off to a warm bed with a even warmer hubby.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Showing Some Moves!

 I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation 
- George Bernard Shaw
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
Breakfast and Brew
(No sexy lumo trousers yet!)
Now to leave the house.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋 before I leave.
On went the Summer hat and Winter coat.
I walked down the road to turn on my lights.
On the way back up, I collected my newspaper.
Swapped the newspaper for by big stick.
Now to turn on my other lights.
Now to go to work...🍭
It started to warm up, and even the sun came out.
We had one Boing for someone not stopping on my side of the road.
Then we had 3 cars on the otherside failing to stop.....
Someone has there own personal parking space on the double yellow lines...
I finished in one piece.
I went round to do some Community work.
I got contacted by an old friend who is a childminder and wanted me to show the children what a "Lollypop Lady".
We draw a road with the help of some chalk.
(on her driveway)
I showed them the four moves.
Everyone enjoyed themselves (including me).
I thanked her for inviting me.
Off home I went.
Coffee time!
Loaded up the dishwasher and put it on.
Out went the Black bin.
(All ready for the collection for tomorrow)
Cleaned down the kitchen,
Tidied up the living room.
No liquid lunch today....
I had a yak to hubby on his lunch break.
I put on my sexy lumo trousers as it forecasted rain this afternoon.
Now out to do the afternoon shift.
Started to rain....↑↑
On goes my winter coat and summer hat.
I turn on one set of lights.
Instead of going to the Charity Shop,
we went for a drink!
That's better!
Turns on my lights.
Now to fetch my big stick!
Then we went for a quick rabbit in the square.
Then I said goodbye to my friends.
The wind was getting up, but the rain kept off.
Few cars waited until the last minute to brake.
Some kept stopping in the KEEP CLEAR space!
Finished in one piece.
Back home.
I wrote two blog posts of this week.
Then I got the tea on the go.
The rain came down really heavily.
Hubby came back and had a sloppy wet one 💋
Tea was served up.
Looked into today's newspaper.
Now for tonight's film:
Younger son came back from work, all wet from the rain.
He did have a lot of discounted food!
We caught up on the news and newspaper review.
Sleep Tea time.
Let's see tomorrow if I have to wear my Sexy Lumo trousers twice!