Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Inbetween A Sandwich

Baby it was cold outside.
Two onesises were pressed together for warmth...
The Gear Stick didn't or wouldn't appear....
(too damn cold!)
Another hard frost (-6c)
Larry just about started up....
Enjoyed a good coffee to keep the cold at bay!
Had fun on the second shift of Job 1
One van decided to move up
 ( so I just about had enough space)
To walk the kids over. 
Then the car in front of the van, tried to reverse into me!
Talk about being stuck inbetween a metal sandwich!
Now for some homemade rice pudding..
To keep out the cold!


Tuesday 29 November 2016

Rabbit Time!

 As it was freezing last night, 
(the Purple Rabbit Onesis came out )
 Even Larry had layers on during the night.
Brrrr boy was it cold this morning.
Seven layers of clothing including the ever famous thermal knickers.
By 8.20am, it was still -4c.. 
I didn't see many Tank Drivers...
To keep the cold out tonight,
Purple Rabbit onesis was slipped on again
We tucked into a homemade Shepherd's Pie.
 The bed has to warm up tonight,
Before the zip of the Purple Rabbit comes undone...

Monday 28 November 2016

All That Glitters Isn't Gold

Back on to the wobbly work wheel.
3 lucky parents still parked on the zig zags lines.
I rolled my eyes again....
Once home, and I drunk some damn fine coffee
So to keep the brain ticking over....
Back on the new book.
Had the Application Form for the other School Crossing Patrol vacancy
It turns out to be a casual job!!!
(no pension) (or rights.)
Oh dear. 
I'm not going from a Permanent job to a casual job!


Sunday 27 November 2016

Having Some Good Food..

No lie in for us this morning.
We had a little visit to the Birmingham NEC
 To walk around  and taste samples at
They had some funny aprons
 Shown off my new basket to Larry
I can use this basket to get supplies of a rather adult nature...
I worn my Xmas jumper for the second day.
Got to show off my baubles some time!

Saturday 26 November 2016

Ice Ice Baby

Made the most of the Gear Stick,
Last night and this morning....
(Hubby looks well tired!)
We went to a Birthday Party at Solihull Ice Rink.
All the kids enjoyed themselves on the ice..
Even hubby had a go on the ice...
 ( A Christopher Dean in the making?)
I declined the offer of having a go on the ice.
As the only way I would, 
If the ice rink would have to be emptied
& everyone would have to face the wall.
This Jayne Torvill wannabe is going into a long retirement from ice skating.


Friday 25 November 2016

Big Hunk Of Love

I was enjoying the Friday Feeling a bit too much...
Woke up at 2am, enjoyed a early cup of tea,
 What could make me go back to sleep?
That's right...
The Gear Stick....
(Had to wake hubby first....)
That done the trick....Zzzzz
Much later on in the morning.....
Had yet another play with the Gear Stick.
Time for some strong coffee...especially for my big hunk of love!

Thursday 24 November 2016

Decisions, Decisions....

Got through the first part of Job 1,
To warm up I enjoyed some Asda coffee and toasted tea cake.
I swear the Henry's are stalking me....
I have applied for the other School Crossing Patrol job.
Is it time to move on? 
or stay put?
Only time will tell....\o/


Wednesday 23 November 2016

Deserving A Lollipop!

Welcome to Hump of the Week.
I had the normal bad drivers while performing my duty of Job 1
One car driver had two choices.
His car windscreen be cracked by my Lollipop stick
He chose to Stop.
Good lad...
(you deserve a lollipop!)
A chance has come up to apply for a Road Crossing Patrol job in a different county, just over the border.
However it's a lot busier road than mine
(But I would be appreciated more! )

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Horny As Hell.

Writing this new steamy erotic book,
It made me so horny last night.
As soon as a rain soaked hubby came home from snooker,
I pointed to the bed,
I said to him:
"Pants off, get in the bed, & wait"
My warm hands did their work.
Played with the gear stick again this morning.
No wonder poor hubby is asleep in the chair....this evening.
I'm letting him sleep, as he won't be getting any later.... 


Monday 21 November 2016

Slipping Them On Twice....

Back on the wobbly soggy work wheel...
Oh dear, the rain is pouring down....
Time for the green wellies to come out...
Survived to have a hot coffee
 and make a Birthday card!
More rain for the afternoon shift.
The wellies back on...
Rain, dark, parents taking no notice of me and parking on the Zig Zags lines.
My kids said they had their yearly road safety assembly in the morning.
As normal I wasn't invited in to meet the kids,
I was just called the School Crossing Patrol
(my real name wasn't used)
 No support from the school,
Whose kids I cross over the road twice a day!


Sunday 20 November 2016

Afternoon Delight!

Enjoyed my Sunday so much..
Plenty of playing with the gear stick to be had.
Cup of tea followed...
Shopping list wrote.
Nipped into our local Lidl's.
Walked in, saw a Postman snogging his young lady friend in the bread aisle.
(He being a friend of mine)
When he came up for air.
I shouted over to him:
He shot me a look
(If looks could kill)
 He disappeared off.
(Doubt I will be getting a Xmas card now off him)

Saturday 19 November 2016

Dancing The Night Away...

Great start to the weekend.
Nice warm play with gear stick,
hot shower for me!
(not with hubby this time!)
Got out of the house for a few hours.
Found a shop that was selling bags of Loom bands for 5p each
Our kids were soon sorting out the looms they wanted to have..
Got some interesting box sets to watch until the House of Cards comes back on Netflick.
 Going to watch Strictly Come Dancing from Tower Ballroom in Blackpool later on tv.
Might have to try some of those moves  on a eager hubby later in....bed...

Friday 18 November 2016

Mad,Bad & Dangerous....

So glad this week is nearly over.
  Job 1
I told one parent off for parking on the zig zags.
I just asked him to move a few yards more
"Alright, Alright" came his answer...
The sky turned black.
The rain came down.
Welcome to the madness,chaos, and bedlam
of the afternoon school run...
I was determined to make the traffic stop.
I was armed with my trusty Lollypop stick,
 Two car drivers realised that I meant business.
Out came my stick, and banged the stick down in front of them.
I was in a mad, bad and dangerous mood
Just about finished in one piece.
Now to enjoy the rest of the Friday Feeling!


Thursday 17 November 2016

Watching The Wheels....

Not long to go until I can enjoy that Friday Feeling....
In the meantime...
Trying to keep the zig zags clear this morning..
There was only one parent who parked on them.
I gave her the Look of Love when she went past.
I relaxed when I got home by...
Sipping coffee and writing more sex scenes in my new book...
Enjoyed some lovely Autumn colours while waiting to do the second shift of Job 1 
Now to use my warm hands on......


Wednesday 16 November 2016

Shooting Daggers!

Welcome to Hump Of The Week 🐫
Nice big moon greeted me in the morning.
 Could my week  get any worst today?
Four car drivers parked on the zig zags.
2 are reoffenders.
The last car driver
I pointed at the zig zags lines she was on.
She had to reverse off them.
She shot me daggers when she drove past!
Nevermind I survived it!

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Thank You Come Again!

Welcome to Terrible Tuesday.
Bedlam & Chaos ensured on Job 1
I told a reoffending parent 
(who always parks on the zig zags lines)
That he can't park on these lines.
His gums started banging together....
I walked back to my spot.
He drew up against me and shouted.
"Is this better!"
I replied, "Thank you, come Again".
Second shift of Job 1 wasn't much better.
A car pulled out of the club opposite
While I was walking across the road.
I had to perform the Time Warp.
To avoid being mowed down along with a parent and four children!
On a more brighter note:
I have won free tickets to the BBC Good Food at the NEC .
(I had fun at last year's event here's was happened:


Monday 14 November 2016

That's A Really Good Name!!

After experiencing the Monday chaos from the 1st part of Job 1
I dropped my homemade card to my 80+ year old friend for his Birthday.
Then on to my coffee date at Asda.
Even before I got in there, one man fell over the speed hump outside.
When he got up, I asked if he was alright.He nodded.
I said to him:
"Good job that wasn't me that fell over, as I would have caused a big enough crater that you could see from the moon!"
Later on I was introduced to a new staff member at one of my other jobs.
I liked him name that much, it will be added in the new book. 
I did say to him, the character won't be talking much just using his hands alot.
One of my kids said to that:
"Will he be using sign language then?"
"Something like that...." I laughed. 

Sunday 13 November 2016

Celebrating Together

We had a busy day ahead....
I visited my mum
(to wish her a Happy 72th Birthday)
My kids took part in the Remembrance Day Parade
 Followed by:
We went to a Service and then Blessing of the Graves.
The Vicar blessed my mum's grave. As he blessed her with holy water....
I moved out of the way, as holy water can burn!