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Wednesday 23 November 2016

Deserving A Lollipop!

Welcome to Hump of the Week.
I had the normal bad drivers while performing my duty of Job 1
One car driver had two choices.
His car windscreen be cracked by my Lollipop stick
He chose to Stop.
Good lad...
(you deserve a lollipop!)
A chance has come up to apply for a Road Crossing Patrol job in a different county, just over the border.
However it's a lot busier road than mine
(But I would be appreciated more! )

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Red Faced Hump!

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
The sun came out.
On went the big sunglasses.
2 car drivers didn't understand the word "Stop"
 Went for my nice walk around the lake again.
Had a beetrooty face,
and smoke coming off my trainers.
Walked 1.45 miles in 30 minutes and 29 seconds..
Damn...will crack the 30 minutes soon.
Now to exercise my warm hands on...
the remote to watch "He's Just Not That Into You!"

Thursday 5 November 2015

Stop Means Stop!

Another day another dollar..
I had a lovely morning sipping coffee at Webb's in Wychbold.
Now to do my second shift at Job 1.
It was raining heavily.
It was getting dark.
One van driver didn't understand the word Stop.
When he did finally stop, he was jamming his finger to his head.
Telling me I was a nutter for stopping him.
I pointed to the word STOP on my lolly stick.
Two road rage incidents in a week.....
I have high hopes there won't be third...