Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 30 September 2019

Shaking Down The Monday Feeling

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders,but they have never failed to imitate them - James Baldwin
Back on that Wobbly Work Wheel 🎑
I looked out of the window to see if we are going to see the sun today...
 Fingers crossed!
I enjoyed tea and hug in bed.
My husband and younger brother were having a right ding dong via text message.
We texted him on Saturday afternoon, to see our on dad on Sunday and Monday.
He seemed to have forgot about Sunday.
His phone was turned off when we tried to phone last night.
During the faceoff via test message, he turned round and said:
"You have to give me 24 hours notice so I can go over and see our dad!!!!!"
All he is interested is clearing our dad's house when he is gone.So much for being interested in our dad's wellbeing!
I gave hubby and kids some wet πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ before they the house.
I meanwhile enjoyed some coffee and vitamin C before I got on with some housework.
Dishwasher, and tumble drier was put on,Recycling put out....
Light lunch time
 Time for a little ride in Sexy Beast
 I gets up the road,
The CD player is not working again.
I had to listen to the radio for the rest of the time.
It didn't help I had a silver car sitting on my arse all the way to work. It tried its damnest to keep up when I put my foot down.(Keeping to the speed limit, I might add)
I went around the two blind bends really slow, and it nearly got took out by the car coming the other way!
When I got to work, 
A little peak at the newspaper.
 Johnny Mathis is 84 years old🎈
Marc Bolan would have been 72 years old🎈
 He died aged 29 in 1977
While singing along with T-Rex, I looked across the fields of fun 
 I had a lovely red face when I finished.
It was the same colour as my t-shirt.
I had a lorry blocking my drive again.
I had to park in factory's car park next door, while it moved out of the way.
When I got back on the drive,
It went back over the drive!
 Oh dear it looks like rain↓
 Time for coffee and nibble↓
 My Amazon order arrived...
It contained socks, socks and Gerbil food!
 The rain came down...
Off to the Happy Place of Work..
 Some one had been playing with their Kenny at the weekend↑↑↑
It was still raining when I got home.
I caught up with last night's episode of
 "Treasure Island".
I had a meat free Stir Fry for tea
 Then off to work with some good music to sing along with:
When I got back.
I draw two designs of the cake I am doing for a Bake Off Competition next week..
 My kids chose the same design.
We will see what design my hubby fancies later on...
I watched just one episode of:
Before heading of to bed,
With some Vicks rubbed well in.....


Sunday 29 September 2019

There Are Many Lovely Themes....!

Good news rarely comes in a brown envelope - Henry Goldsmid
I woke up before 7am on a Sunday!
 No sunshine, only rain.
Made full use of the shower...
Afterwards I enjoyed vitamin C and tea in a warm bed↓
 Then we had a snuggle and fell asleep....
We woke up later, had breakfast....
Washing machine and tumble drier went back on.
Quick coffee and nibble before we go out↓
 Out in the rain we go...
 Wet and warm!
 On the way to get some reduced items↓
 Free coffee & newspaper time
 Nice reduced price↑
We got lots of reduced items.
*We had £8.50 knocked off the bill too :)*
Found someone else's shopping list in our trolley when we got back to the car↓
 Coffee and newspapers time↓
 Now into Lidl for the rest of the shopping↓
 When we got back,
Late light lunch↓
 Jerry Lee Lewis is 84 years old 🎈
 Ian McShane is 77years old 🎈
Mike Post is 75 years old🎈
( American multi Grammy and Emmy-winning composer, best known for his TV theme songs)
Emily Lloyd is 49 years old. 🎈
Once we had our tea
We have nearly finished season 10 of:
All the uniforms were sorted out for tomorrow.
My stuff was sorted,
All ready for me to mount that Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow 🎑

Saturday 28 September 2019

Look Who It Is....It's Saturday!

If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it - J.P Morgan
The weekend is here \o/
I woke up and saw the sun coming up↗↗
 I caught the last hour of "The Sounds of the 60s", while enjoying a cup of tea in my warm bed!
  Once we had breakfast.
Kids were woken up, as they had boxing club to go to. 
My dad failed to tell us on Friday that he had run out of some of his tablets. As his doctors were not open today, we had to phone 111 to get a urgent perscription for this tablets!
 Hubby took kids to boxing and pick up his perscription.
I meanwhile played with the saw!
 Then coffee with nibble
Quick read of a nice magazine that came yesterday↓
Nice items, nice prices!
Hubby and kids come back.
My dad failed to tell my hubby last night and this morning to get his newspaper.
So we will have to go out again!
In the meantime we listened to 
"Pick of the Pops" on Radio 2.
The first year we listened to was: 1986
I knew most of the songs in the chart,
Word for word...
(As I used to listen and collect the 7 inch vinyl singles in that year)
Here are a selection of some of the songs in the chart:
The Number 1 is:
The next year was 1993.
Here are some of the hits from that week:
 The number 2:was Pet Shop Boys - Go West↓
Number 1 was:
Boom!Shake The Room by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince 
Now out for a little ride↓
 Visiting Sainsburys↓
 The Method Surface Cleaner is down from £3 to £2
Popped into the cafe for a quick coffee:
 Gets back to put the Gammon Joint in the oven.
Once done, we used up the rest of last night's Shepherd's Pie.
Looking at the Birthdays....
It's Helen Shapiro's 73rd Birthday 🎈
(One of my favourite songs of hers is at the end of this blog)
Jim Diamond would have been 68 years old🎈 
 He sadly died aged 64 in 2015.
We caught up with last week's:
 Catches up with the Review of tomorrow's newspapers.
Now for snuggles and more.....