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Sunday 29 September 2019

There Are Many Lovely Themes....!

Good news rarely comes in a brown envelope - Henry Goldsmid
I woke up before 7am on a Sunday!
 No sunshine, only rain.
Made full use of the shower...
Afterwards I enjoyed vitamin C and tea in a warm bed↓
 Then we had a snuggle and fell asleep....
We woke up later, had breakfast....
Washing machine and tumble drier went back on.
Quick coffee and nibble before we go out↓
 Out in the rain we go...
 Wet and warm!
 On the way to get some reduced items↓
 Free coffee & newspaper time
 Nice reduced price↑
We got lots of reduced items.
*We had £8.50 knocked off the bill too :)*
Found someone else's shopping list in our trolley when we got back to the car↓
 Coffee and newspapers time↓
 Now into Lidl for the rest of the shopping↓
 When we got back,
Late light lunch↓
 Jerry Lee Lewis is 84 years old 🎈
 Ian McShane is 77years old 🎈
Mike Post is 75 years old🎈
( American multi Grammy and Emmy-winning composer, best known for his TV theme songs)
Emily Lloyd is 49 years old. 🎈
Once we had our tea
We have nearly finished season 10 of:
All the uniforms were sorted out for tomorrow.
My stuff was sorted,
All ready for me to mount that Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow 🎡

Saturday 31 December 2016

Pack your bags 2016.....

Had a quick play with the Gear stick to start New Year's Eve off with a smile :)
Now for a road trip to Kidderminster.
Plenty of charity shops to visit...
Plenty of bargains to be had.
Popped in to see my father-in-law
(gave him some cake I made)
A very young Ian McShane from 1966 film was on his telly
Only a few hours to go until the end of 2016.
Enjoying some Shloer in my new cup.
Trying to get the book finished....
Hope you all have a Happy New Year!