Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 30 April 2016

More More More 3> 3> 3>

We woke up to the sun's rays coming through the window.
Totally exhausted from last night's fun.
More fun promised tonight as well!
Kids enjoyed their sleep over at the Scout's hut.
While the kids enjoyed watching "Shaun The Sheep" movie at the Library.
We had a cheeky coffee......
Then stocked up on some more supplies from Ann Summers..

Friday 29 April 2016

Making The Most Of!!!

At last we have reached Friday!
Not a lot of Friday Feeling being passed around by the car drivers today!
Looking at me while they drive past( as I have my lollipop stick in the air!)
Oh dear.
So glad the 3 day weekend is coming up :)
My sons are having a sleep over at their Scout Hut tonight.
So what are hubby and I going to do with time together???
Hands being warmed....
I don't know who is going to be more tired tomorrow....
Getting the lock off that box of adult toys is going to be more fun...
Pass over the can of WD40 please.....

Thursday 28 April 2016

Strawberries & Cream

What a Thursday I have had!
Both shifts of the Lollipop job has been stressful.
Speeding drivers, cars not stopping, and cars braking at the very last second!
To remove some of the stress.
Raided my baking books... 
The pinny was put on.
Kenny the Kenwood came out for a quick play!
Whipped up some double cream.
Displayed the strawberries on the top.
Now to decorate the cake....

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Having Far Too Much Of It!

I made the most of my warm hands on my hubby last night...
Once the lights went out,
I was in there.......
In fact I slept quite well afterwards!!
So damn horny, when I woke up,
 I jumped on hubby again before we got out of  bed...
He limped down the path to his car to work afterwards..
I meanwhile, went to work with a big smile.
He knows what is waiting for him when he comes back late from snooker tonight...
He may think I am asleep.
Once the lights are off, and he gets under the duvet cover...
My warm hands will be reaching out to him...... 

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Pretty Flamingo

We woke up to sunshine...
Might be sunny, but the thermal knickers were put on.
Looks can be very deception!
Sunglasses soon followed.
Did my one lap of the lake dressed head to toe in different shades of pink.
Not the normal colour to exercise in.....
There are advantages to wear the colour of a Flamingo...
You can see me for miles,(and hear me too :P)
1.39 miles in 30 minutes and 38 seconds
The sun packed it bags, later on this afternoon.
Now for rain, wind and possible snow showers.
Might have to exercise my warm hands on my hubby later :)

Monday 25 April 2016

Hot Wax Time!

Back on the wobbly work wheel....
Bad driving carried on from Friday..
The orange van slammed on the brakes,
As it nearly took away my legs:
 I looked up and he was talking on his phone :(
Oh dear, dear dear. Not good!
Had a lovely time at Webb's,
Coffee, chat and toast!
Bought another can of Whipped cream.
Had so much fun using the remaining cream last night,
(Hubby couldn't escape, as he was tied to bed, with a orange in his mouth(for vitamin C))
The ideas for my new book are flowing...
I have a VERY eager hubby who loves testing out my ideas...
Next idea, hot candle wax dripped on.....

Sunday 24 April 2016

More Whipped Cream???

We woke up to find the sun shining...:)
We had run out of teabags :(
Not to worry, coffee came to the rescue!
Kids up early, as they were taking part in the St George's Parade.
All the groups of Scouts,Beavers, Brownies, etc of Redditch were there.
While they were in the church.
We went for a cheeky coffee.
 Afterwards, we spent all afternoon tidying the house.
Getting ready to mount the wobbly work wheel tomorrow.
Now to finish off that whipped cream....;P

Saturday 23 April 2016

Time To Find The Key!

My kids came back from their Night time hike  with the Scouts at 12.30am.
9.5 miles done in 3.5 hours. Not bad going
We told them about the death of Harley the hamster.
Lots of hugs mixed with tears.
I have had a nice trim of the Dougal hair.
I still got long flowing locks...
 The aim for tonight is:
Kids in bed early:
  1. Early to bed for us as well.
  2. As a new bottle of Durex's Tingle to open, 
  3. Can of whipped cream, & ice cubes to use!
  4. More ideas from my book to practice on my ever-willing hubby!
Just hope I can find the key to the red furry handcuffs!...


Friday 22 April 2016

Goodbye Harley :'(

I really need this week to be over.
In the morning, handed in a forgotten P.E to school for son.
I made a really nice Cheesecake too!
We hit the afternoon, then it went downhill fast...
Jack came out of school in tears.
Detention for not having his PE kit for his PE lesson..
Excuse me??? 
His PE kit had been sitting in the reception from 
9.15am -3.15pm!!!!
I went in the school, 
Trying to sort the lack of communication problem out
They are not at all interested....:(
I am taking it higher
Don't worry!
Our 5 month old hamster called Harley has passed away.
My kids are unaware of this, as they are on a evening hike with Scouts until 1am.
It doesn't just rain, it pours in my life at the moment!

Thursday 21 April 2016

You Talking To Me?

What a Thursday I have had!!
I had 9 cars driving under my raised Lollypop stick!
 I had a trip to the hospital for a X-ray on my left knee.
I still have the Baker's Cyst on my left knee.
One parent in her car,was shooting me daggers while in she was in the queue for the traffic lights.
 I also had a certain Taxi Driver moment of
I wasn't called by my first name, only by being shouted at by the words:"Hello?Hello?Hello?"
I will have to add a name badge tomorrow on my uniform!
We have lost Guy Hamilton, Victoria Wood, in the last 24 hours, now Prince has died.
This year is turning is out to be terrible for celebrity deaths :(

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Spit & Span

Welcome to a sunny hump of the week.
I have been living in my big sunglasses all day!
The morning shift of my job, I was nearly taken out by two cars that refused to stop :(
I did do a little bit of a walk....
39 minute walk, 0.14 miles...
Not bad for little walk around my branch of Morrison's!
Early spring clean in my house.
Had a little play with Henry.
Mopped the kitchen floor, 
Polish and duster came out too!
Back on the baking tomorrow....
Anyone for a bit of Victorian Sponge?

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Going The Extra Mile!!

I made the most of the sunshine today.
I was up for a challenge....
I started the normal walk around the lake
 First lap = 29 minutes and 40 seconds.
 I thought what the hell,lets do another lap!
Two laps later =
2.77 miles
59 minutes and 14 seconds 
Smoke was coming off my trainers when I finished.
I was very pleased with myself.
Day off tomorrow from walking.
It's Baking time instead!


Monday 18 April 2016

Giving Me Ideas!

Back on the wobbly work wheel today.
Made the most of my time, by having a trip to Webb's.
Coffee,chat and toast :)
Even walked around their gardens for 20 minutes
Giving me loads of ideas on what to do with my garden, and what to put in it!
 If I had the money, and time, I would have a garden like theirs!

Going to make the most of the predicted sunny weather over the few days...
Walking and baking...
Sunglasses and sun cream at the ready!..


Sunday 17 April 2016

The Hill's A Bit Steep!

Nice bit of sunshine today.
Made the most of it.
We travelled to Droitwich Spa
Spent some vouchers and had free coffee at Waitrose.
Now to visit the church on the hill..
Across the unmanned railway crossing(with care)
 Up the steep steps
Nice and peaceful by the church.
Had a look at some of the graves
Then straight back down the hill!
Walked off the free coffee we got from Waitrose!
UK Rock 'n' Roll singer Billy Fury would have been 76 years old today.


Saturday 16 April 2016

Nice To Buy More Of....

The weekend has started...
All my sons went off to Trampolining at Jump Nation in Birmingham,
We had some adult time.
As it is:

 we visited our local record shop.
Lots of nice vinyl to look through.
 Bought some vinyl from the 50's.60's and 70's.
Today it would have been Dusty Springfield's 77th Birthday...

Friday 15 April 2016

What Will It Lead To..Zzz?

Grabbing handfuls of that Friday Feeling!
Only to find the rain is back!
Green wellies time!
Parents were in their cars waiting for me to start my job.
Spent all morning, catching up on the large blog!
Listening and singing along with songs on You Tube. 
Once 5pm came along, the weekend has started.
The alarm clock will be turned off for two whole days!
I will be cuddling up with hubby in bed later to watch a film in bed.
How long before I will be asleep before the film starts....?


Thursday 14 April 2016

The Hunt Is On!

Only been back at work for four days...
Already got some parents complaining about me not starting before I am supposed to:
The Head Teacher came out to ask what time I start!
I told him about a certain potty mouth parent having a rant at me!
Day off from walking.
Pest Control Officer came out.
He quite wasn't like the mouse catcher in the film: Mousehunt! 
Either I am on benefits or I pay him to kill the mouse.
The answer was no on both counts.
Put some mouse traps down instead....

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Red Faced Hump!

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
The sun came out.
On went the big sunglasses.
2 car drivers didn't understand the word "Stop"
 Went for my nice walk around the lake again.
Had a beetrooty face,
and smoke coming off my trainers.
Walked 1.45 miles in 30 minutes and 29 seconds..
Damn...will crack the 30 minutes soon.
Now to exercise my warm hands on...
the remote to watch "He's Just Not That Into You!"

Tuesday 12 April 2016

The Smell Of Cake Is Back!!

Woo hoo we have reached Tuesday.
As the sun was shining,
Kids were at school.
I went for a walk around the near-by lake.
Done 1.42 miles in 32 minutes...
I will get it under the 30 minute mark soon...
Kenny the Kenwood came out for a quick play.
Coffee and Walnut cake made.
Followed by:
Spicy cupcakes with melted chocolate on top.
Be back on the trend mill tomorrow!


Monday 11 April 2016

Day Of Surprises!

Back on the Wobbly work wheel today...
Oh but what a day!
My youngest son reached for his breakfast cereal box,
Looked in, and a pair of eyes looked back.
He dropped the box, screamed (very loud) and ran upstairs to me.
Hubby dropped the rat and contents outside.
Pest Control has been informed!
Next up, first day back after Easter Holidays.
Nearly finished shift.
In middle of the road, crossing children over the road
When a  van had to slam his brakes on.
Inches away from my legs...
During the second shift,
After a car failed to stop.
My youngest son says:
"You don't get paid enough for this job, mum!"
Great start to the week!
Can it get any worst???? 

Sunday 10 April 2016

Practice Shouldn't Hurt....Much.!!

When the sun beamed it's rays through the net curtains...
Time to make the most of Sunday.
We walked 2 miles this morning,
There was a lot of grumbling, moaning, and walking slow on the final mile.
They are doing a 9 mile hike at the end of month with Scouts.....
Practice doesn't hurt.....much!!
Finally got my warm hands on Henry.
New bag and air freshener inserted.
A slight sprinkle of "Shake 'n' Vac".
Nice smell through out the house...
One final thought of the day...
WOO HOO!!!!"