Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Time To Find The Key!

My kids came back from their Night time hike  with the Scouts at 12.30am.
9.5 miles done in 3.5 hours. Not bad going
We told them about the death of Harley the hamster.
Lots of hugs mixed with tears.
I have had a nice trim of the Dougal hair.
I still got long flowing locks...
 The aim for tonight is:
Kids in bed early:
  1. Early to bed for us as well.
  2. As a new bottle of Durex's Tingle to open, 
  3. Can of whipped cream, & ice cubes to use!
  4. More ideas from my book to practice on my ever-willing hubby!
Just hope I can find the key to the red furry handcuffs!...


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