Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Time To Move It!

Welcome to my Hump Of The Week!
We were just about to go for a walk around the lake.
Then it started to rain :(
So off to town instead.
Stocked up on reduced Double cream
 (making homemade Penne Carbonara for tea)
Picked up a large take away M&S Mocha...
Then off to the local Library.
I slurped on the coffee and read the print off most of the newspapers and magazines..
Signed up to earn money from walking....(The website is called Bounts)
To Earn bonus points click here
Taking information from another app I'm using, "Map My Walk".
Hopefully weather permitting tomorrow,
 I will do a few laps of the lake,
With my kids in toe, moaning all the way!


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