Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 22 April 2016

Goodbye Harley :'(

I really need this week to be over.
In the morning, handed in a forgotten P.E to school for son.
I made a really nice Cheesecake too!
We hit the afternoon, then it went downhill fast...
Jack came out of school in tears.
Detention for not having his PE kit for his PE lesson..
Excuse me??? 
His PE kit had been sitting in the reception from 
9.15am -3.15pm!!!!
I went in the school, 
Trying to sort the lack of communication problem out
They are not at all interested....:(
I am taking it higher
Don't worry!
Our 5 month old hamster called Harley has passed away.
My kids are unaware of this, as they are on a evening hike with Scouts until 1am.
It doesn't just rain, it pours in my life at the moment!

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