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Friday 20 May 2016

We Will Always Need One Of Those...Here!

Woo hoo welcome to my Friday...
Is it coffee or walk time today?
Well actually I did both..
Went to Webb's for coffee and chat.
Then to explore the gardens...
 Got some ideas for my gardens..
 Even found a Hobbit House
You always need a little house down the bottom of the garden, for your naughty children or a very very naughty husband!



Friday 22 April 2016

Goodbye Harley :'(

I really need this week to be over.
In the morning, handed in a forgotten P.E to school for son.
I made a really nice Cheesecake too!
We hit the afternoon, then it went downhill fast...
Jack came out of school in tears.
Detention for not having his PE kit for his PE lesson..
Excuse me??? 
His PE kit had been sitting in the reception from 
9.15am -3.15pm!!!!
I went in the school, 
Trying to sort the lack of communication problem out
They are not at all interested....:(
I am taking it higher
Don't worry!
Our 5 month old hamster called Harley has passed away.
My kids are unaware of this, as they are on a evening hike with Scouts until 1am.
It doesn't just rain, it pours in my life at the moment!

Friday 8 April 2016

Tantrums, Moods, & Sulks

We now have reached Friday...
Not much Friday Feeling around here.
There was a break in the rain.
Around the lake with my kids in tow.
Halfway round one of the kids started having a tantrum.
Still kept going with his whining getting louder...
Just gets back to the car before the rain came lashing down.
We lost 505 calories doing the 45 minute walk.
If you can lose more having a tantrum, one son lost more calories than me!
Roll on Monday, it's back to school!

Friday 1 April 2016

"Can I Have A Quickie?"

Welcome to April!
I'm still suffering from my operation from Wednesday.
Still on liquid food and no coffee or tea....
Pure hell, and with the annoying pain in my mouth too.
We visited Worcester this afternoon.
Good look round the charity shops.
Visited Laura Ashley shop.
The cheapest item was 24 cupcake cases was £12, down to £7.20.
I had that Pretty Woman moment again
(When Julia Roberts enters the store on Rodeo Drive and was snubbed)
I wasn't snubbed, but was looked up and down at.
Hopefully I find a use for the cupcakes cases.
Got back to the car for something to eat.
My youngest son said,"Could I have a Quickie?".
"No Jack is called Quiche!"

Friday 26 February 2016

Always Like A Bit Of Flash....

Welcome to Friday..
I have tonnes of that Friday Feeling to sprinkle about.
Booked in for a eye test in a week's time.
Might end up with  glasses like Olive wore in "On The Buses"!
 Counting down until the big Birthday (3 days to go)
We taped the film "Flash Gordon" last Friday.
We have got round to watching it now....
(My kids are watching it for the first time!)
(It's bad I know this film word for word)
Now back to the movie "Flash"!

Friday 5 February 2016

Time To Get Down And Boogie!!

We finally reached Friday!
So glad I didn't go to Webb's today for coffee and chat.
As the way to Webb's was gridlocked.
My younger son was better enough to go back to school.
So I made the most of the day in Alcester.
Visited several charity shows and even popped into Waitrose!
Enjoyed the free coffee and free newspaper!!
Sad to hear the news of  the death of Maurice White.
The founder of Earth Wind and Fire.
His songs always make me get down and boogie!


Friday 22 January 2016

If Looks Could Kill!!!

Woo hoo it's Friday again.
The cold weather replaced by heavy rain.
Forgot to wear the green wellington boots for shift one of Job 1.
Off to Webb's for coffee, chat and bacon roll.
Had no duel on the way home unlike Monday.
Had £10 off voucher if you spend £50 off Amazon via email
So tempted......;P
The fun started on second shift of Job 1.
One mother driving a silver focus nearly parked her car up my backside.(while I was in the middle of the road,crossing the children over)
We both exchanged stares..(If looks could kill!) as she went pass me!
Now to practice eating my Chinese meal with chop sticks!

Friday 11 December 2015

Watching Me, Watching You!

Woo hoo Friday is finally here...
Not long to go until the weekend!
Now to take it easy doing the following:
  1. Made more Xmas cards
  2. Posted Xmas cards
  3. Attempted to make a Lime Drizzle Cake
  4. Drinking very expensive Filter Coffee. 
I managed to stop the one and only finger flicking BMW driver
During my second shift of JOB 1, in full view of the Police.
Isn't Karma a wonderful thing ;)


Friday 6 November 2015

Enjoyed A Threesome x

At last it's Friday!
Made it out alive during the first shift of JOB 1
Got home, slipped on the pinny.
Now for a gentle play with Henry the Hoover.
Then Kenny the Kenwood joined in too!
Chocolate and Fudge cupcakes were baked.
Followed by a Indulgent Chocolate Torte.
Pinny off.
Dodging traffic on the second shift of JOB 1
No road rage incidents to report.
Now to try out a cupcake....

Friday 23 October 2015

The Removal Of Some Wisdom!!

It's Friday once more....:)
Nice lie-in until 6.30am.
Cup of tea in bed with hubby...
Only one job to do today.
Went off to the Dental Hospital about my lop sided wisdom tooth.
They had lost the x-ray from my Dentist.
So had to have another one done.
Back on the waiting list again.
Nice to pay £4.50 for the privilege to park in the hospital car park!
Roll on next January or February for the wisdom removal!

Friday 16 October 2015

Welcome Back Henry!

At last Friday is here....
Henry the hoover has been resurrected!
So I gave him a good work out this morning!
I visited Webb's for a overdue coffee.
I done 3 jobs today, and it was time to take off the roller skates.
I quickly whipped up a Leek and Goat's Cheese tart for tea.
The alarm clock will be turned off this weekend.
Now time to relax, feet up, Zzzzzz

Friday 25 September 2015

Making The Most Of It!!

Thank goodness it's Friday.
All I have been doing is work,work and more work this week!
Mustn't grumble, it tries to keep me out of mischief!
Had time for coffee and full breakfast at Webbs in Wychbold.
Found a ideal box for my craft crap!
Turned off the Internet on my phone at 2pm.
Turned Internet back on 3.50pm.
Another job came up via email.
Quick strong coffee, then back to work I went with a hop and skip.
I was in bed with a warm hubby by 9pm.
Making the most of him and the bed......

Friday 18 September 2015

Get Down Tonight....

Woo hoo it's Friday once more.
I have now got off the wobbly work wheel until Monday.
The alarm will be made redundant for 2 days.
Now I make full use of husband....
I don't know who will be more tired after this weekend.
I have to get rid of my sexual frustration somehow,
So out comes the adult box of toys,gimp suit, and a small orange (vitamin C for hubby).
Now to warm up my hands....

Friday 11 September 2015

Stir, Stir, And More Stirring....

Woo hoo it's Friday again!
From 9.30 am, I carried on baking.
I didn't stop..
I made the following:
  1. Fruit cake
  2. Coffee and Walnut cake
  3. Fruit scones
  4. Bread
  5. Shortbread
  6. Chocolate cake
  7. Sausage rolls
Here is what I made at the start of the month to enter the competition tomorrow:
  1. Red Plum Jam
  2. Apple and Blackberry Jam
  3. Guava Jam
  4. Guava Jelly
  5. Orange,Lemon and Lime Marmalade
  6. Lemon curd
  7. Hot Mango Chutney
  8. Jar of Pickled Onions
  9. Jar of Pickled Vegetables
  10. Jar of Pickled Cabbage
Fingers crossed I do well in the Produce show tomorrow, now off to bed Zzzzz

Friday 31 July 2015

Name That Tune!

Woo hoo it's Friday once more.
The sun is out, blue skies, and it's warm.
Time to splash on the sun cream, wear the huge sunglasses and a floppy sunhat.
I watched my children playing football, 
From a shady spot.
However they were played off the park,
By two other children that joined in with their football game.
When we were going home, a great song came on the radio,
Jack asked "what's that great song mum????"