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Sunday 2 July 2023

Welcome To My Craft Room!

Slang is language that takes off its coat, rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands, and goes to work - Carl Sandburg
Welcome to my Sunday 💓
Lots to do today....
Breakfast and Brew.
Feeling low and upset.
Has a coffee in the garden.
Then it's out to visit parents.
Off to do some food shopping.
New Henry?
Off to Waitrose↓
Goes home to unpack the shopping.
Light lunch.
Now to put cover the floor with the spare room.
Puts old clothes on.
Now to paint the room, top to bottom.
Nearly finished and hubby ends up with a bit of paint in his eye....
Finally finished painting the room at 8am.
Moves the stuff back in.
Just got to move all my sewing machines, and all my craft crap in here now!
Waiting for younger son to say sorry to my hubby for what he said yesterday to him....
We have a nice tea.
Then Wham
and Sing
Catches up with the news.
Sleep Tea Time.
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow 🎡


Sunday 2 October 2016

Enjoying Lots Of Pink Sunshine!

I made the most of Sunday and hubby.
Warm hands produce nice miracles.....
Then we went off to:
at Stoneleigh Park in Kenilworth.
 I loved the pink carpet.
Got all the craft crap for my Xmas cards
There was a nice pink surprise in the car park... 
And the sun was shining......:)

Sunday 31 January 2016

Attempting To Try Out The New Bed!

What a Sunday I have had! 
Heard that Terry Wogan had died :(
Finished getting the last bit of Scout's uniform.
Finally won a mid-sleeper bed for my middle son.
My younger brother went over to pick it up and bring it back here.
Sorted out all my craft crap into bigger see-through boxes.
Hubby and Jack put the sleeper bed back together.
Trying to open a tin, my finger caught it, and wow look how much blood comes out of my finger!
My son is attempting to put all his crap back into his room.
At this rate, it might be Midnight by the time he sleeps in his new bed!

Friday 25 September 2015

Making The Most Of It!!

Thank goodness it's Friday.
All I have been doing is work,work and more work this week!
Mustn't grumble, it tries to keep me out of mischief!
Had time for coffee and full breakfast at Webbs in Wychbold.
Found a ideal box for my craft crap!
Turned off the Internet on my phone at 2pm.
Turned Internet back on 3.50pm.
Another job came up via email.
Quick strong coffee, then back to work I went with a hop and skip.
I was in bed with a warm hubby by 9pm.
Making the most of him and the bed......

Friday 7 August 2015

Playing With The Sausage!

It's Friday once more.
I dug deep into my craft crap,
I made two cards.
One wedding and one Birthday.
this weekend.
My hubby is moaning he is well tired.
He is blaming work, I blame me...
Time for sausages for tea
First I had to prick them,
That brought back memories!

Saturday 21 March 2015

Play Time!

After such a busy day yesterday.
I went to bed early.
I however was up at 6am.
No Internet connection either!
So I did some housework instead!
Henry came out for a play.
All completed by 7am!
I unloaded my trolley, which had all the items
 I bought at the NEC yesterday.
Mmmm loads of craft crap to keep me busy!

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Surprise Thank You Present!

I was taken surprise yesterday at my second job.
I was given a present by a fellow co-worker.
It was a thank you for covering her two days,
so she could spend time with a family member.
It was a choice between chocolate or craft crap.
She knows me too well....;)