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Sunday 6 December 2015

Spot Of Riding Later.....;p

Woo hoo it's Sunday again....
Hubby wanted a ride, I had other ideas....
Like food shopping, making cards, getting Christmas decorations up etc.
We did our food shopping at Aldi.
I closed my eyes while sat in the car park, praying no one was going to hit my car!
Next off to Waitrose for reduced food,
Added bonus was the free coffee!
Made cards, Christmas decorations are up,
We are just about finished making the mince pies.
Using M&S mincemeat, and some Waitrose's Signature Spice in the pastry.
Hubby's luck might be in for that ride later ;)

Friday 7 August 2015

Playing With The Sausage!

It's Friday once more.
I dug deep into my craft crap,
I made two cards.
One wedding and one Birthday.
this weekend.
My hubby is moaning he is well tired.
He is blaming work, I blame me...
Time for sausages for tea
First I had to prick them,
That brought back memories!

Thursday 16 July 2015

No Quickies Allowed !!!

Enjoying some time with friends today
I visited a good friend, we had coffee,chat and a good laugh.
I was given some lovely free craft crap.
Then I popped into another friends for a quick chat.
"When's the baby due?" he joked.
"We haven't got time for baby at the moment!"
"No time for a Quickie?" he laughed.
"We don't do Quickie!" I said.
"Why not??"
"Because foreplay takes over a good hour...."I laughed
"Too much information!!!!" They responded.
Changing the subject...
Afterwards,I popped into Waitrose, for my free coffee....