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Friday 1 April 2016

"Can I Have A Quickie?"

Welcome to April!
I'm still suffering from my operation from Wednesday.
Still on liquid food and no coffee or tea....
Pure hell, and with the annoying pain in my mouth too.
We visited Worcester this afternoon.
Good look round the charity shops.
Visited Laura Ashley shop.
The cheapest item was 24 cupcake cases was £12, down to £7.20.
I had that Pretty Woman moment again
(When Julia Roberts enters the store on Rodeo Drive and was snubbed)
I wasn't snubbed, but was looked up and down at.
Hopefully I find a use for the cupcakes cases.
Got back to the car for something to eat.
My youngest son said,"Could I have a Quickie?".
"No Jack is called Quiche!"

Thursday 16 July 2015

No Quickies Allowed !!!

Enjoying some time with friends today
I visited a good friend, we had coffee,chat and a good laugh.
I was given some lovely free craft crap.
Then I popped into another friends for a quick chat.
"When's the baby due?" he joked.
"We haven't got time for baby at the moment!"
"No time for a Quickie?" he laughed.
"We don't do Quickie!" I said.
"Why not??"
"Because foreplay takes over a good hour...."I laughed
"Too much information!!!!" They responded.
Changing the subject...
Afterwards,I popped into Waitrose, for my free coffee....