Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 31 January 2017

What Number Husband Are You On Now?

I got wet during first part of Job 1.
Now to warm up with chat and coffee
In walks some customers,
I used to deliver their mail in Studley.
Went over,
Without taking a breath,
Fitted in 5 years history into 25 minutes!
She did ask:
"What number husband am I on?"
I laughed, and replied:
"Still number 2 hubby" :)
Needed another drink as my throat was dry.
Picked up a good book on the way out.
Always needs some help in THAT department :P

Monday 30 January 2017

Needs Lots Of Beauty Sleep...

It didn't help the dodgy car alarm going off yet again at 3am over the road!
Felt like a chewed rag all morning.
(Beauty sleep is important, especially to me!)
So back on the wobbly work wheel for me.
It was so quiet for first half of Job 1, 
(I thought it might be holiday time.)
To keep awake, I had some help
I even updated my pinny...
(half price)
 Lets hope my beauty sleep is not disturbed tonight.....
(As hubby will be used to get back to Zzzz)

Sunday 29 January 2017

Shaking The Money Tree...

Car alarm over the road wakes us up far too early morning.
Once the alarm had finished.
We had the light display...
After a lie in.
Time to get Larry sorted.
Lots of Stupid Sunday Drivers about..
Fills him up with fuel
Then to check his tyres...
Now to source more bits for Larry.
His MOT is in two months away...
I hope the money tree isn't going to turn to a twig 
Once I have the bill....

Saturday 28 January 2017

It Needs Refilling...

We had a long night of hot sweaty sex....
(We must take the 16 tog duvet off the bed
 & turn the heating down)
So much in fact...
The well needs to refill....
I had to take my glasses back to the Opticians,
Now having single vision lens now.....
 Had to even take an afternoon nap
(Getting far too old for all nighters now....)
I was given warm hands....
So they have to be used.....
(and not for just writing books either...)
Now for some romantic music to get into the mood.....

Friday 27 January 2017

Having Loads Of Love...

At last we have reached Feel Good Friday...
The headache from yesterday is taking a long time to shift
I had a little play with Henry in the morning.
I enjoyed a film while visiting my dad.
A very young Jack Palance was in it...
Even Robert Strauss popped up in it...
I had to leave 35 minutes before the end to go to work :(
On a brighter note, Kids were sleeping over at the Scout Hut.
So roll on a Adult Only Night in for us :)

Thursday 26 January 2017

Loud Disturbance During Coffee!

It was time for those thermal knickers to come out.
Gave Larry a nice long ride to Webbs.
Larry was pining to park on the grass,
However it was blocked off...:(
Made some of the staff in the Coffee Shop blush about what is happening in my new book I am writing...
I enjoyed a Mocha with a scone.
However I didn't enjoy the loud drilling that was going on during their refurb
Until that refurb has finished,
 I will be going elsewhere for coffee...

Wednesday 25 January 2017

That's The Way I Like To Sing It!

Welcome back for the Hump of the Week.
The fog and black ice was back.
Trying to keep upright for first part of Job 1
Off to Asda
A song came on the radio while paying for my shopping...
(Now the time for some good backing vocals)  
Off to enjoy coffee and teacake
Another great song came on,
So more backing vocals...!
(I am getting good at this singing!!) 
 Larry was looking after the trolley in the car park.
On the way trip home.
Time for yet more singing to a particular favourite 70's song of mine...
Nice and loud singing...


Tuesday 24 January 2017

Watch Out For The Sex Bomb!

Woke up to pea soup fog.
Driving to work was bad enough!
Now to work in it.
One yellow car drove around my lollypop stick instead of stopping...
 Then off to a Garden centre.
 Larry was looking at the artificial grass. He much prefers the real stuff....
↓Found the ideal scene of Winter...↓
The Mocha coffee didn't even touch the sides.....

Monday 23 January 2017

Keep It Coming #2

If hubby thought there was not going to be any more play time..
(He was sadly wrong.....)
Yet more play of the gear stick to be had...
(He looked so tired afterwards,
I had another day of Monday Madness from part one of Job 1
Parents don't understand NOT to park on the Zig Zags lines....
Time to roll my eyes again...
I avoided getting run over by some cars towards the end of part 2 of Job 1
 I just kissed the pavement when I got finished.
 I am so glad I survived in one piece!

Sunday 22 January 2017

The Well Is Now Empty!

I couldn't keep my warm hands off my  hubby....
(More play of the Gear stick)
His well is now truly empty....
 I had to visit the Opticians yet again,
If I can't get on with these glasses in the next 7 days...
 They are going back....
Visited two garden centres....
Had a coffee
 Then onto the next garden centre.
It was overrun by Santas!


Saturday 21 January 2017

Once Is Never Enough...

Made the most of a warm hubby in these cold temperatures
(He thought we were going to have one play with his gear stick)
Having a break with a cuppa.
Ding Ding 🔔🔔
Round 2
(More Gear stick play)
 ↑Now to move onto coffee...↑
(Need something to keep awake, after all this hot, sweaty, exercise!)
He couldn't get away from me playing foot whoopie in the Library...
 Might have to let him have a rest tonight....


Practice Makes Perfect......

Welcome to Feel Good Friday.
Thermal knickers were put back on..
Larry had to have a good scrape.....
 I was given "The Look" back by one parent,
After I gave her "The Look" for parking on the zig zag lines.
More chaos,madness and bedlam for the first part of Job 1.
Back to the Opticians, 
and forgot to bring my new glasses!
Enjoyed just a coffee to keep out of the cold.
 Needed try out some more sex acts for the new book...
My victim (hubby) was more than willing to help out.....

Thursday 19 January 2017

Shake,Shake, Shake #4

I took Larry out for a nice ride to Sainsburys today
Won't be shopping in there too regularly
(too expensive!)
 (Something to take away the pain!)
I needed to find if a particular part of Larry's to see if it is easy to find and fit.
Had a hour of trying to find how to fit the part of YouTube
(No luck there)
I had a look under the bonnet
It looks like another trip to the garage.
Now to shake the little green bag of coins to pay for it.....

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Wearing Out The Battery.....

Welcome to Hump of The Week,
I survived the madness of part one of Job 1
Off to enjoy my Webbs Experience.
(So I thought)
No wet parking for Larry, it was blocked off :(
So I had to squeeze Larry into a space on the car park instead...
 At the moment Webbs are having a refurb.
No full English breakfast being served :(
No Toast :(
Or Toasted tea cakes :(
So it was just coffee to wet my pallate with..
By the time I got to my dad's,
My voice battery was half charged
 (my fault for talking too much)
The soup I had for dinner, didn't touch the sides...
Time to look somewhere else for coffee and toast....