Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 15 June 2018

I Am What I Am

Welcome to the Friday Feeling
The sun was out  \o/
 Gave everyone a πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ before they left.
I had no fruit or nut in the house :(
Just had to enjoy coffee on its own...⛾↓
 Waiting for THE LETTER to confirm what I have known for the past week....I have a certain job, I won't be having in September...
I had a choice of having the last remaining 
cheese & bread or a can of beans for lunch..
 *Cheese on Toast won....*
Then I started to write out this week's shopping list..
 I needed to get out of the house.
I went to visit my dad.
Enjoyed the sunshine in the garden with coffee...
 The clouds are coming in.
My dad watching some films on Film Four..
I said goodbye and see him tomorrow.
I gets home and did have the letter.
It said what I knew already.
Hubby came home from work.
I gave him the list...
He went food shopping with younger son.
I did some chop chop.
Garlic,mushrooms,chicken,chilli,can of chopped tomatoes...
Chicken Korma with Noodles 
That filled a hole...
We caught up with series 4 of Soldier Soldier
 Finally dragging a tired hubby of to bed...
To enjoy the weekend early! 

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Lick, Stick & Paste x 3

Welcome to my Thursday.
I was feeling under the weather... 
Went out to get some fresh air..
 Breathe in, Breathe out x 2
Time for coffee!
I got all my card crap out to play with.
Alexa playing some good Disco tunes for me to sing along with...
I made 2 Birthday Cards and 1 Father's Day Card.
The kids are making their own Father's Day cards.... 
Done just in time for lunchtime!
I left the house to see my dad.
Had a good chat.
Watched a good film until the end.
Followed by
 I was enjoying myself watching Lovejoy,
I forgot the time!
Said goodbye to my dad, and off home we went.
Hugs and kisses my lovely hubby...
Went out to deliver one of the Birthday Cards I made earlier...
Comes back, the sun is still trying to go down...↓↓↓
Countdown to the Friday Feeling....


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Fruit & Nut

Welcome to my dry Hump of the Week,
I got those big big sunglasses out..
The sun is coming out! 
Had a little ride to Bromsgrove.
I had fun dodging cars on the way to hospital.
I was called in, as soon as I sat down.
Gave some green blood of mine.. 
Back out in 5 minutes.
The barrier was up,
So I didn't have pay to park. 
Through the traffic chaos...
Got to Lidl in one piece...
Arm still hurting...↑↑
Got home for a bit of Fruit & Nut↓↓
Afterwards, had a play with Henry...↓
Then the house went dark...
 Then the sun came out..
 I had a nice magazine come through the post.
My friend who I normally see on Tuesday
(Due to Birthday, it was moved tomorrow)
I had a phone call saying she was took into hospital.
I got dropped off and went to see her before she was moved to another ward.
While I waited for my lift home.
There was a nice sunset in the car park.
Gets home,
Sleep Tea...
Thought about the designs I'm doing on 3 cards tomorrow before I fell asleep....

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

More Cake,Cards & Balloons...

Welcome to another Birthday
Another day of sunshine...😎
 Balloons 🎈 blown up ↓↓
 Now to add them to the house outside.
 Finished making the Birthday Cake
One big cupcake and mini cupcakes...
The card was made too..
Enjoyed a nice coffee afterwards..
Presents ready..
Presents opened...
Now for some tea...
Nice sunset
The drive is nearly finished.
Celebrating with the spare balloon...
Is going to be a dry or wet Hump tomorrow?