Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Of Course I Have Room In The Garden For More!

One way to help the weather make up its mind is to hang out washing - Marcelene Cox
Welcome to my Sunday ๐ŸŽˆ
Let's hope it stops dry...
 Hug and Brew.
Out for a nice long walk↓
 Nice armchair in the garden↑↑↑
  Broken snake :(↑
 Sewing machine is still outside↑
 Hubby photobombing my bridge pic↑↑
 Went past my late dad's house↑↑
 We took the long way home.
1.7 miles altogether.
Back home↓
 Back out to get more plants↓
 More plants and a large pot↑
Planted them.
Tea with nibble to follow↓
 Later on we had a light lunch↓
 Watching the birds play in the bird table↓
 Then off to water some flowers....
First up was the grave behind my parent's grave↓
 Lavender plants were watered↓
 Back home↓
 Nice Roast Chicken Dinner↓
 We started season 4 of NYPD Blue
I had a look in today's newpaper↓
Andy Fairweather Low  is a Welsh guitarist, songwriter, producer and vocalist. He was a founder member and lead singer of 1960s British pop band Amen Corner, and in recent years has toured extensively with Roger Waters, Eric Clapton and Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings.He is 72 years old ๐ŸŽˆ
 Larry James, American drummer (Fat Larry's Band) would have been 71 years old๐ŸŽˆ
 He died aged 38 in 1987.
Andrew  Gold was an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and record producer who influenced much of the sound of Los Angeles-dominated pop rock in the 1970s. Gold played on scores of records by other artists, most notably Linda Ronstadt's, and had his own success with the U.S. Top 40 hits "Lonely Boy" (1977) and "Thank You for Being a Friend" (1978), as well as the UK Top Five hit "Never Let Her Slip Away" (1978). In the 1980s, he had further international chart success as half of Wax, a collaboration with 10cc's Graham Gouldman.He would have been 69 years old ๐ŸŽˆ
 He died in 2011 aged 59.
I had a sleep tea↓
 We are going on a long walk tomorrow.
Making full use of hubby on his holiday!
Off to bed early with my warm hands! 

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Breaking In The New Duvet Cover......

It is by acts and not by ideas that people live - Anatole France.
Welcome to my Saturday๐Ÿฟ
We had a tiny lie-in.
Followed by brew and hug↓
Off for a quick ride to town↓
 We parked in Car Park 7
(As Car Park 4 was still closed)
  We put on our face masks.
I wore the one I made yesterday.

We get the newspaper from WHSmiths.
Body Shop is now closed in the shopping centre!
I gets two lovely balloons 
(And they are blown up too)
On the way to get a much needed Costa Coffee.
I see a ex-boyfriend sitting down in Costa Coffee.He had took his mask off and I recognised him straight away...
I went out with him in 2000.
He is nicknamed "The Creature" as he put my hamster down the toilet out of spite, when I rewound a video he hadn't finished watching.
When I finished work, I found the poor hamster in the toilet, I carefully gave him a wash, and dried him off. The poor thing sadly died a few days later....I hope Karma visits him after 20 years..... 
I had my mask on, he kept looking at me stood over by the exit, I just turned my head.
We walked back to the car park, to drink our coffee.
 It is still getting warm↓
 I put the new balloons on my parent's grave↓
  My younger brother has bought a bench to sit on opposite their grave↓↓
 We sat on it for a good half an hour.
Nice view of the grave from there↓
 Those clouds coming over↑
Off to the Farm Shop to get more Lavender!
 Gets home.
Repots all the lavender around the garden.
Light lunch in the garden↓
 Watered all the plants as they needed it!
Writes out shopping list for later.
Get's yesterday's blog wrote as well.
Picks up next door's shopping list.
 Back out we go...
After Lidl shopping.
We get a much needed coffee from Home Bargains↓ 

Back home.
I deliver next door's shopping to him.
Then unpack ours.
While tea is cooking...
We put a new duvet cover on our bed!
 Steak time↓
 We bought a new frying pan that helped cook the steak better!
We watched the final 3 episodes of Season 3 of NYPD Blue↓
 I could up reading the whole week's newspapers.
With Sleep Tea↓
 Once Season 3 was finished...
Time to drag a tired hubby off to try out that new duvet cover!