Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 29 February 2016

Time For A Real Birthday!

At last!
I'm celebrating my 11th Leap Year Birthday.
Plenty of lovely presents and cards to open.
I was treated to a trip to the cinema to watch "Grimsby"
Had a steak meal at the local restaurant.
Had many nice Happy Birthday messages via Facebook and Twitter.
Still managed to fit in 2 jobs as well.
Now to go to bed early....for another hot and steamy present..from hubby! 


Sunday 28 February 2016

Not Long Now.....

Still enjoying the 3 days of celebrations.
Had my Birthday (for tomorrow) was read out on BBC Hereford & Worcester Radio Station this morning at 9.15am :)
Nice lie with warm hubby and a cup of tea.
Popped into Waitrose for free coffee, free magazine and to use the voucher up I had to use by today.
Then it's time to move the wardrobe from my son's room to ours...
Got the wooden Fabric Wardrobe from the loft.
However unable to locate the screws!
The cards and presents are building up to be opened tomorrow......

Saturday 27 February 2016

Losing A Chin!

We are doing  3 days of Birthday Celebrations...
(As I only celebrate my real Birthday every 4 years!)
Has a Birthday card delivered with my old surname on it.
(Changed that old surname 5 years ago!)
Will have to wait until Monday to see who sent it!
We jumped on the train to Birmingham.
Practiced using the chopsticks for dinner!
Walked off the dinner, (all up hill) to the new Birmingham Library.
 Then a nice long walk back to the newly refurbished New Street Station.
Leaving Birmingham a lot fitter, then I arrived!


Friday 26 February 2016

Always Like A Bit Of Flash....

Welcome to Friday..
I have tonnes of that Friday Feeling to sprinkle about.
Booked in for a eye test in a week's time.
Might end up with  glasses like Olive wore in "On The Buses"!
 Counting down until the big Birthday (3 days to go)
We taped the film "Flash Gordon" last Friday.
We have got round to watching it now....
(My kids are watching it for the first time!)
(It's bad I know this film word for word)
Now back to the movie "Flash"!

Thursday 25 February 2016

Getting Hot & Sweaty...

Welcome to my Thursday...
Another hard frost overnight
Another scrape of the windscreen.
Temperatures was actually a bit warmer from yesterday at -2.5c
Thermal knickers, hats, scarves, and gloves all needed.
Did catch a few car drivers driving their tanks!
On the first shift of JOB 1
I was nearly took out by a taxi.
He stopped inches away from me :(
Played with Henry the Hoover, Mop and bucket, and the hairdryer!
We are going to re-watch the box set of "The Tudors....
It's bringing  me out in a hot sweat just thinking about it! 

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Very Cold Hump!

Welcome to Hump Of The Week.
Had to give the car windscreen a good scrape this morning...
2 hats, 2 pairs of gloves, and thermal knickers..... just keeping out the cold!
The Juke from yesterday parked BEFORE the Zig Zags lines today.
Eye to Eye Contact does work sometimes \o/
Sewed on the 2 remaining Scout badges on my son's shirts.
Sorted out the Scout weekend they are going on...
Sorted out where we are going for THAT weekend too ;P
Roll on Friday at 5pm, this wobbly work wheel is getting far too wobbly even for me!


Tuesday 23 February 2016

Banging Of The Gums #2

After 3 cars this morning on the first shift of JOB 1 didn't stop,
I knew it wasn't going to get any better.....
The parent in the white Juke parked again on the opposite Zig Zag lines.
This time I gave her some eye to eye contact (Song by Elvin Starr)
Her gums started banging together.
I crossed her daughter over.
The gums kept banging together, she totally ignored my Lollipop in the air.
She pressed hard on her accelerator, and left half of her trend behind on the road!!
One more car driver had to stop, she gave me more gum banging...!
After this fun, I went home to bake cakes and make 2 Birthday cards.
Second shift of Job 1.
I told some of the mothers, after the glowing report of my Supervisor yesterday.
"I'm not going anywhere!"
"The majority want me here, only a minority doesn't!!)
The certain Troll of Facebook(who has made it quite clear I should be removed from my post, and be publicly flogged) heard this.
I watched as she started to bang those gums together to herself!
Pity I couldn't read her mind!

Monday 22 February 2016

Counting Down The Days Until I'm 11 Years Old!

Back on the wobbly work wheel today!
I was reminded on "On This Day" on Facebook, it's my 13th Wedding Anniversary.
Pity I am divorced from him, 5 years ago!
(My book about last years of my 1st marriage and meeting second hubby)
I will be celebrating my 5th Wedding Anniversary to my second hubby in September! 
2011 was a crazy year.
Divorced and married in the same year!
I enjoyed my coffee and chat at Webb's.
Got praised on doing my Lollipop job.
As long as I keep alive doing it for the next 7 days.
As I celebrate my 11th Birthday next Monday!
(11 real Birthdays due to being a Leap Year Baby!)
Now to enjoy some Ovaltine, warm bed, and a warm second hubby :P

Sunday 21 February 2016

I Know What I Like......

I have had a busy Sunday.
Stocked up on the  Zoflora
Visited Waitrose, got some lovely reduced food and my free coffee.
Back home to unpack.
Then off to Stourbridge to pick up another cabinet,
(I won it off Ebay)
Now I have got somewhere to put my books.
Time to get the school bags done, sandwiches made, & my lollipop ready for tomorrow!
Back on the wobbly work wheel tomorrow!

Saturday 20 February 2016

How many F's and C's In Library????

I have one of those days, I wish I could drink alcohol!
So instead I suck on a cup of Horlicks instead!
I dropped off 3 boxes of books to the Free Book Shop.
Not much thanks only grumbles.
When we popped in later on,
They wanted me to take half of them back!
"I'm afraid, I got no room!" I replied.
We got some great bargains looking in the Charity Shops.
Went to rest our weary bones in the Library.
A man, then a woman sat opposite us.
She couldn't hold back the bad language. Lots of words starting with F and C.
I rounded up my kids, told them not to repeat any of those words they heard!
Went off to Waitrose for my free coffee,free magazine and lots of lovely reduced stuff.
Tonight, is my hubby's lucky night, my warm hands, and a wonderfully scented lube to use!

Friday 19 February 2016

Amazing What Warm Hands Can Do!

Woo hoo the Friday Feeling is back.
Enjoyed myself at M&S coffee shop.
Mocha ,toast and a good yak!
Done a good deed by handing in 3 pairs of football boots for the upcoming Easter Swap Shop
Came first in a Chopstick Competition.
I am such a wiz with chopsticks!
Currently sorting out my Pantry. 
I could bake a cake everyday I have so much stuff!
(It won't be happening just yet!)
As I have given up cake and chocolate for Lent,
If there is ever a national flour shortage,
I won't have to worry, I have got loads!
Going to relax tonight watching "Ted" on Film4
In bed with a very warm hubby with warm hands!



Thursday 18 February 2016

Give Me Loads of Pink Sunshine!!!

The days of my holidays are soon running out..,
One more sneaky lie-in.
Hot shower, and blow-dried the ever growing hair
Now to move and tidy up the Dining room.
My 1950's kitchen cupboard's door needed to be screwed back on.
My saying of,"Are you tidying your bedrooms?" to my kids was getting tiresome!
Before going round to see my dad, the bedrooms remained the same :(
I am so tired of nagging.....(I might as well speak a foreign language!!!)
I need a strong  coffee out of the house.
Luckily for me, the offer of coffee tomorrow is far too good to pass on.
Great to start that Friday Feeling with chat and coffee!!!!

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Wow, That's Big!

Woo hoo we have reached "Hump Of The Week".
A very wet hump in fact.
Another lie-in (can't grumble about that!".
While in Sainsbury's:
 I had to explain to my children;
Why I can't have a chocolate doughnut.
"I have given up chocolate and cake for Lent"
A customer overheard me (kept looking at me the whole time) he picked up a bag of chocolate doughnuts, and put them in his trolley.
I just smiled, and pretended to eat my fist!
Hubby picked up a pine bookcase for me.
 (I won it on EBay last night).
It's a lot bigger and heavier than I expected....

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Trying To Move The Mess About!

Another day, another lie-in.
Today was to move the crap around the house!
I was having my 1960's cabinet delivered later.
So things had to be moved about.
The large (heavy) box was attempting to be fitted in the cupboard under the stairs.
It wouldn't fit! (Back upstairs it went!)
Trying to tidy hubby's part of the bedroom.
Tried to move one piece, then everything fell down like a trail of dominoes...
His crap went everywhere.....
I thought I had a hoarding problem.....
The weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow.
So I am sorting out our Pantry! 
A Pine bookcase I won off EBay is also arriving tomorrow..
Don't worry I have made a space....just :P

Monday 15 February 2016

It's Only The First Day!!

First day of the half term holidays!
I'm off work, and have my children at home with me.
So out comes the referee's shirt, whistle, and showing a lot of red and yellow cards.
I have bags of patience and gritting my teeth a lot!
It was nice to stay a little bit longer in bed than I normally do on a weekday.
Popped into Bromsgrove.
Did our normal charity shop looking.
Then into Droitwich.
Free coffee, free magazine, great reduced food, and offers at Waitrose.
Once children had gone to bed, 
(They first had to show me how to work my own Blu-Ray machine!)
Now to watch my mate, Michael Fassbender in the film "Shame".
Wow, wow wow, yum yum (Eyes wide open!) 

Sunday 14 February 2016

Time To Break Open The Adult Toy Box...

Woo hoo my favourite day of the year so far has arrived.
We swapped cards, and presents.
Celebrating 68 months together :)
Roast Chicken dinner at home.
My hubby put my kitchen trolley together.
(It's a early Birthday present off my older son)
(It's also a early Birthday present off my younger sons)
Off my brother, who hasn't realised I won it yet :)
We have just had a homemade 3 course meal here.
Opening the adult toy box later.....;P
Hopefully I have a peaceful week at home with my kids..
Yeah right......\o/ 

Saturday 13 February 2016

Getting Ready For The Big Day....

It's my all time favourite pop artist's Birthday today.
He is 66 years old, and his name is Peter Gabriel.
I wished him Happy Birthday on Twitter.
Getting the bits ready for tomorrow.
However it's going to be a bit different this year.
No Chocolate, no Cake, but plenty of hugs,kisses and other things ;)
Home made card, home made 3 course meal and Shloer (as we don't drink alcohol still!)
Broke open my newly delivered Mary Berry Cookbook...
Homemade Chicken,Leek & Mushroom Pie cooking in the oven.
Better get on making my hubby's Valentine's card.......

Friday 12 February 2016

Funky Chicken Dancing!

Woo hoo I have got this Friday Feeling so bad!
I enjoyed a late breakfast and chat at Webb's.
It's wasn't cold as yesterday.
So nobody was Tank driving (see yesterday's blog post about it)
It's the last day of school and work for a WHOLE WEEK!
Valentine's Day on Sunday....
No cake or chocolate for hubby or me.
I still can use my warm hands...;P
Time to celebrate with funky chicken dance moves  in the Living Room
With the curtains  wide open!


Thursday 11 February 2016

Tank Driving

Another cold one, -3c.
The car was frozen solid.
So I had to give her a good scrape.
While I was enjoying my first shift of JOB 1
I noticed other car drivers were driving cars like they were tanks.
They only scraped a small slit on their side of the windscreen!!!
Later on, I chatted with an ex-Postman for a good 2 hours in the Library.
We chatted about the times, and people who was at Royal Mail when we worked there.
Last night I had to call out the Paramedics out 
For my hubby, as he had a serious coughing fit.
After a while, he got his breath back.
They asked about the mark on his forehead.
I replied," That my love, is the mark of my thumb-print!"

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Hot Stuff!

Welcome to my Hump Of The Week.
As part of Visiting Friends Week,
I met up with a good friend in Studley.
Good chat and coffee.
Then off to Waitrose in Alcester.
Free magazine,free cup of coffee and some great reduced food!
I made a lovely hot beef stir fry.
Packed with ginger,garlic, and lots of chillies!
After a few mouthfuls...the hubby shouted for...."Water!"
I calmly ate all mine.
Good job I have a concrete mouth!


Tuesday 9 February 2016

The Fun Of The Ride!

Welcome to Pancake Day.
After the telling off from my older son about NOT using my dash cam.
It was in full use today (after sellotaping the suction cup to the windscreen!)
  1. Trip to Morrison s
  2. Trip to Coughton (to pick up some eggs, and finding out it was closed :()
  3. Back home.
  4. Then to a mate's for catch up chat and coffee
  5. Then to work
  6. Then home.
We as a family have been watching:
 The Dash Cam Adventures Of The Pink Princess.
Just  like watching old family movies (but of my driving, and the scenery!)
I have enjoyed the last of chocolate on my pancakes before the 40 days start of having NONE!
Hubby has already the circled the date on the calendar when he can start tucking into chocolate!
The Dash Cam Adventures.....

Monday 8 February 2016

Giving It Up For Lent!

Back on the wobbly work wheel today.
Got blown about at work, and it rained for the last 15 minutes of my shift.
Had breakfast at the M&S cafe.
Got told off by my older son for not using the dash cam I bought.
"It's no use being at home, you are supposed to use it!"
He is off to Venice next week for a holiday.
If this rain continues here, we will have to be using boats to get round!
Went to the Doctors for a blood test.
The veins in my arm as normal was being tight for giving up blood.
3 test tubes later, I was surprised to find my blood was red not green ;P
I am giving up cake & chocolate for Lent.
Hubby has reluctantly joined in.
He is glad it is only for 40 days.....