Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 20 February 2016

How many F's and C's In Library????

I have one of those days, I wish I could drink alcohol!
So instead I suck on a cup of Horlicks instead!
I dropped off 3 boxes of books to the Free Book Shop.
Not much thanks only grumbles.
When we popped in later on,
They wanted me to take half of them back!
"I'm afraid, I got no room!" I replied.
We got some great bargains looking in the Charity Shops.
Went to rest our weary bones in the Library.
A man, then a woman sat opposite us.
She couldn't hold back the bad language. Lots of words starting with F and C.
I rounded up my kids, told them not to repeat any of those words they heard!
Went off to Waitrose for my free coffee,free magazine and lots of lovely reduced stuff.
Tonight, is my hubby's lucky night, my warm hands, and a wonderfully scented lube to use!

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