Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Tank Driving

Another cold one, -3c.
The car was frozen solid.
So I had to give her a good scrape.
While I was enjoying my first shift of JOB 1
I noticed other car drivers were driving cars like they were tanks.
They only scraped a small slit on their side of the windscreen!!!
Later on, I chatted with an ex-Postman for a good 2 hours in the Library.
We chatted about the times, and people who was at Royal Mail when we worked there.
Last night I had to call out the Paramedics out 
For my hubby, as he had a serious coughing fit.
After a while, he got his breath back.
They asked about the mark on his forehead.
I replied," That my love, is the mark of my thumb-print!"

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