Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 8 February 2016

Giving It Up For Lent!

Back on the wobbly work wheel today.
Got blown about at work, and it rained for the last 15 minutes of my shift.
Had breakfast at the M&S cafe.
Got told off by my older son for not using the dash cam I bought.
"It's no use being at home, you are supposed to use it!"
He is off to Venice next week for a holiday.
If this rain continues here, we will have to be using boats to get round!
Went to the Doctors for a blood test.
The veins in my arm as normal was being tight for giving up blood.
3 test tubes later, I was surprised to find my blood was red not green ;P
I am giving up cake & chocolate for Lent.
Hubby has reluctantly joined in.
He is glad it is only for 40 days.....

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