Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Fun Of The Ride!

Welcome to Pancake Day.
After the telling off from my older son about NOT using my dash cam.
It was in full use today (after sellotaping the suction cup to the windscreen!)
  1. Trip to Morrison s
  2. Trip to Coughton (to pick up some eggs, and finding out it was closed :()
  3. Back home.
  4. Then to a mate's for catch up chat and coffee
  5. Then to work
  6. Then home.
We as a family have been watching:
 The Dash Cam Adventures Of The Pink Princess.
Just  like watching old family movies (but of my driving, and the scenery!)
I have enjoyed the last of chocolate on my pancakes before the 40 days start of having NONE!
Hubby has already the circled the date on the calendar when he can start tucking into chocolate!
The Dash Cam Adventures.....

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