Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday, 19 February 2016

Amazing What Warm Hands Can Do!

Woo hoo the Friday Feeling is back.
Enjoyed myself at M&S coffee shop.
Mocha ,toast and a good yak!
Done a good deed by handing in 3 pairs of football boots for the upcoming Easter Swap Shop
Came first in a Chopstick Competition.
I am such a wiz with chopsticks!
Currently sorting out my Pantry. 
I could bake a cake everyday I have so much stuff!
(It won't be happening just yet!)
As I have given up cake and chocolate for Lent,
If there is ever a national flour shortage,
I won't have to worry, I have got loads!
Going to relax tonight watching "Ted" on Film4
In bed with a very warm hubby with warm hands!



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