Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Good Job it Can't Talk...

Welcome to my Hump of the Week.
Last day of January...
It was three months since I had my accident..
Getting better slowly...
I saw the physio..
Plenty of stretching of the foot...
Couldn't lift my heal of my left foot off the ground....:(
Enjoyed coffee afterwards..
Then early lunch 🍴↓↓
Off to Worcester County Court
Resign the  Parental Responsibility Forms
Got there early, watched men in black gowns and wigs, talking about their cases....
After 20 minutes...
Out in the sunshine...
Picked up the kids on the way home.
Packed up the single bed..
It's being took away tomorrow.
Good job it can't talk......😶


Tuesday 30 January 2018

Bye Bye To The Single, Hello To The King!

After going to bed early last night.
I awoke up far too early...
(No surprise there) 
More tossing and turning due to my arm :(
Hubby made a much needed cup of tea :)
 That better :)
Later on, 
Once everyone departed with a 💋
The 70's music was put on...
Now for chop chop..🗡
Puts everything in the slow cooker for tonight.
Made room for my food order...
 Made full use of the free delivery code I had.
Recycle recycle...
The single bed in the living room will leaving us shortly...
(As I am back in the Kingsize bed )
Now looking for a two seater sofa
 Three seater won't fit through the door.
(We tried it before!)
 Had a nice coffee when kids came back from school...
 They (our kids) were grumbling over some of the 70's songs we were listening to while we were eating our tea..
One simple trick!
Turn up the volume! 

Monday 29 January 2018

I Can't Smile Without You...

Welcome to the wobbly wheel of Monday!
Another night of tossing and turning
due to my left arm hurting.
(Finding out the results next week \o/)
Once everyone had disappeared with a 💋
from me.
Time for
 Watched more..
Moved onto series 3.
Then realised I missed out on the last disc of series 2...
Needed a Boost after I found that out!
 Took my time in doing a bit of housework.
Foot still went up later on...
 Used up the kale, peppers, onions. spinach, for a nice healthy stir fry for tea.
 Made the hubby smile,
I kept the bed warm for his return...;)

Sunday 28 January 2018

I Have The Patience Of...

Busy Sunday ahead.
I went to the walk in service at my Hairdressers.
I however had to wait 2 hours to have my haircut as a customer in front of me was having her hair dyed.
5 customers left while I was waiting.
Finally 2 hours and 20 minutes later.
Jack and I had our hair cut.
Had a hair cut like the one above↑↑
I Feel so good :) 
Nipped into...
That would look nice on my bed :) ↑↑↑
We then spent 2 and half hours tidying my dad's house up.
(I see where I get my hoarding habit from now!) 
We got home when it was dark.
Now to start tea...
 yum yum
My boot is so hot and warm
 Might have pushed the bad foot a bit too much...
At least I can tidy my own house up tomorrow at my own pace...

Saturday 27 January 2018

Going To The Extreme!

We went to bed early last night.
(Too much of the Friday Feeling 💋)
We had to pick up my Mother's Day present.
Off in the rain we went to...
 View from my seat....
Now for coffee and toast...
I chatted with some of the staff from the coffee shop, kept them updated on the progress of the foot...
Collected my order from Hobbycraft.. 
and much more as normal...
 Wonder if this would fit in my living room?↓
 Waited in the hut outside away from the rain.
 Going down a long winding road...
 Going for a haircut tomorrow ✂
 Getting tired of my long Dougal hair style
 I will feel like a bit light headed after...



Friday 26 January 2018

Kick & Punch x 2

At last Friday has arrived with a skip and jump!
Enjoying lots of Friday Feeling with coffee.
 Finished season one.
Moved onto season two.
Getting back onto the writing..
 with the help of the new mouse.
 Put our tea on low in the oven.
I went to watch my hubby and kids do a bit of Kick Boxing.
They all have a good work out..
Dished up our lovely tea..
Chicken and Noodles..
Boot off, 
Foot up,
Now to enjoy my lovely hubby.....💋💋