Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Bye Bye To The Single, Hello To The King!

After going to bed early last night.
I awoke up far too early...
(No surprise there) 
More tossing and turning due to my arm :(
Hubby made a much needed cup of tea :)
 That better :)
Later on, 
Once everyone departed with a 💋
The 70's music was put on...
Now for chop chop..🗡
Puts everything in the slow cooker for tonight.
Made room for my food order...
 Made full use of the free delivery code I had.
Recycle recycle...
The single bed in the living room will leaving us shortly...
(As I am back in the Kingsize bed )
Now looking for a two seater sofa
 Three seater won't fit through the door.
(We tried it before!)
 Had a nice coffee when kids came back from school...
 They (our kids) were grumbling over some of the 70's songs we were listening to while we were eating our tea..
One simple trick!
Turn up the volume! 

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