Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 14 January 2018

The First One Of 2018

It was back to separate beds again.
Me in the single bed.
Hubby in the king size bed.
Once I can mount the stairs...
He will be mounted...
The king size bed that is....↓
 Went out for a smaller ride...↓
 Now to enjoy my first Dunelm Experience of 2018!
 Pom Pom wreaths £15...
 1st Dunelm coffee of 2018↓
 Making the most of getting out of the house and the sale....
 Hubby wheeling the shopping trolley back to the car ...↓↓↓
 More nice ideas for our bedroom..↓↓
 Bumps into a good friend and chats for 20 minutes.
Made her son blush...
Gets home to unpack all my goodies!
 Puts my fresh herbs away in the new herbs saver...
Added the apron...
 Making a spicy lamb curry to keep the cold at bay.
As everyone knows me,
It won't be a mild curry....;)

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