Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 22 January 2018

Walk Don't Run!

Back on the wobbly Monday wheel.
Up early to enjoy a cup of tea in bed.
I kissed 💋💋 everyone before they left.
I set to work to whip up the answer to Monday...
 From a good book.
 Rolled out the pie lid....
  Nice coffee with hubby...
 Enjoyed some fresh air
 a quick ride...
Nice to chat to some of the staff,
That misses me doing my Job 1.
(They see me while they go to work in the mornings)
Off to hospital for a ultrasound on my left shoulder.
Tendons fine....\o/
Back to the doctors to get on the  list on the MRI. 
(As the pain is really bad :() 
Pie was nice...
 My bad foot started hurting....
Doing too much again :(
Foot went up...
 Won't be doing too much tomorrow.
No Gardening or rearranging the Living room.
The Foot will be up up up... 


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